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FIFA 2010 World Cup

The FIFA 2010 World Cup is here! I won't lie I'm really excited for it. It seems as if something good is going to happen to me during the 11th of June and July. What will happen to me? I don't know, meet my foreign husband? Since 2006 my high school friends and I have been planning how we are going to find the perfect husband during the world cup. A friend of mine said that she would find a football player, have his child and then sue him and claim it was rape. The things we would do for foreign men (are South African men that bad?)

Some of us will work during the World cup and others will just party 24/7 and it seems like Cape Town is the place to be with free concerts everyday at the V&A Waterfront.

Now there are quite a few things I know about football such as:
  1. The aim of the game is to put the ball at the back of the net (The South African team is yet to learn this)
  2. Thierry Henry doesn't play football but netball
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo is dating Kim Kardashian. This means that Portugal could win because when she was dating Reggie Bush, his team won the Superbowl, or something to that affect (Don't know, saw it on the Kardashians)
  4. Cheryl Cole is getting divorced from her cheating husband, Ashley Cole
  5. Apparently Rooney and Beckham are injured which means that it may be game over for England, even though the group they are in is considered the best group since the Beatles
  6. Lionel Messi is being compared to God (well according to numerous facebook posts)
But one thing I don't know is who will win the World Cup and take the trophy home. So I decided to ask friends, family and randoms who they thought would win the World Cup.
So according to my friends, family and randoms, who will win the World Cup.
Well let’s start with the teams that everyone supports. I won't lie, but I knew which the most supported team was before I even asked everyone. 63 people were asked and the results are:
Manchester United 33%
Liverpool 21%
Arsenal 17%
Barcelona 9%
Chelsea 8%
Kaizer Chiefs 3%
Jomo Cosmos 2%
Juventus 2%
Real Madrid 2%
Orlando Pirates 2%
Inter-Milan 1%
Now I thought that Arsenal would come in second but the fact that Manchester United is in first does not surprise me at all. Fergie is obviously doing a good job. But I find that Manchester United fans are the greatest diehard of all fans of all. I can't even call my brother and ask him to take me somewhere when Manchester United is playing. And if they loose ... I might as well walk home.
Manchester United - The Most Supported Team
Maybe this joke from my 11 year old brother, Nqoyi explains why Arsenal is only number 3.

Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool where in a plane crash. There is only a donkey to eat.
Manchester United: We'll eat the chest.
Liverpool: We'll eat the liver.
Arsenal: We not that hungry, we won't eat (i.e. they don't want to eat the ass)

Kaizer Chiefs - The Most Supported South African Team

But who will win the World Cup?
According to the 82 people I asked, Brazil will take it.
The results are:
Brazil 21%
South Africa 15%
Spain 13%
Argentina 10%
England 7%
No Idea 7%
France 6%
Italy 4%
Portugal 4%
Holland 4%
Cameroon 2%
Germany 2%
Ivory Coast 1%
Kazakhstan 1%
Mexico 1%
*No Idea is not a team. This is all the people who had no idea

Okay, I understand why everyone would say Brazil, they've won it a couple of times and I think they also might have an advantage because they are in the same hemisphere as us, which means the climate might be the same (I don't know, so don't quote me).
46% of the people who said Brazil are Manchester United fans. I personally don't know of any link between Manchester United and Brazil but most of the people rooting for Brazil are Manchester United fans.

What doesn’t surprise me is that 43% of the people behind Argentina are Barcelona fans. Now Messi plays for Barcelona and Argentina, so it’s either people believe that the Argentina team is made up of one player, or maybe they think they can really win in.

Something surprising is that 23% of the vote for South Africa came from Manchester United fans. I would think they were all behind England. Kaizer Chiefs and Liverpool fans contribute 22% each to the vote.

To the people who said South Africa will win the World Cup ... well you have faith in your team, I do to because I also said South Africa could win. And plus they are playing against Mexico in the opening match and only 1% of the vote thinks that Mexico will win so maybe we could win at least that game. But let’s be realistic here, those of us who said South Africa are being highly optimistic. But then again, what if this is South Africa's time to shine. What if they have been secretly been planning to be super bad so come the World Cup it’s like, where the hell have they been and BANG we win the World Cup!

Sounds just like a movie ... unrealistic!

But if South Africa does do well in this tournament all the football players will go advertise scarves in Woolworths and date models and forget to that the main aim of football is to put the ball behind the net win. They should look at the Ryk Neethling and Roland Schoeman. They advertised for Woolworths appeared on Top Billing numerous of times and now they are drowning at the Olympics. On top of the world to second last ... talk about embarrassment, (but they still did our country good).

While asking people who they support and who would win I got the strangest answers.
Someone gave me the answer Arsenalx2. I then asked him who would win the World Cup and he told me Arsenal. I had to explain that it was the World Cup happening in June, yet I still got the same answer, Arsenal.

I asked another high school friend of mine. She honestly replied and said, she didn't know. She then asked her male friend who was sitting next to her and he said he also doesn't know. I guess that’s Rhodes University for you.

When asking another friend of mine who she supports she said she didn't support a team. I said it was fine that she didn't have an answer because I take I don't know answers. I then asked her who she thought would win the World Cup. Her simple reply was. "What World Cup". So I told her the one happening in June. Then she said with all confidence, Arsenal or Liverpool.
Other people might be glad the World Cup is coming so they can see Lionel Messi, or the new hand of God, Thiery Henry. But I'm glad the World Cup is coming to South Africa so the rest of the world can see that we don't ride on lions or tigers and that we don't run around naked to praise God.

To the South African team: The main aim of football is to put the ball at the back of that net looking thing as many times possible. If you guys do win, don't advertise for Woolworths and forget about football. Good Luck

To the fans: Go Buck during the World Cup!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I really appreciate it

The Boys From Brazil - The Team Most Likey To Win The World Cup


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