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What's In A Headband

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We all apparently wear clothes to express ourselves ... right? Well I believe that we do even if its in our subconscious. 
As a society we have also come to stereotype certain styles.
For example if you dressed in all black its either you 
  1. Mourning
  2. Pretending to be mourning and looking for attention
  3. Goth
  4. Emo
  5. and the list just goes on and on.
Well I honestly believe that the headbands people wear also represent a certain "culture" we all belong to or should I say we would like to belong to.

The Girls School Headband
This headband is usually a navy or black sport headband . It sometimes even just looks like it was cut from your mother's old stockings. The width of this headband is most probably about 8-10cm and has a "bump" in the middle. If you fold on this bump it folds in half and the headband is well half what it used to be.

If you are wearing this headband with 
  • your school uniform, then you are a School girl.
  • your sports outfit, then you are sports player.
  • neither of the above outfits ... I actually don't know what to say. (They do sell really cool ones at Woolworths though)
Basically, if you are not in a girls high School at the moment, don't wear it out.
Hippie Headbands
Now these are my favourite. however it depends on how you wear these as well. These
 can be any length, width and colour. The true hippie ones are usually adorned with beads and gems of different colours. 
There are also the ones which are meant to resemble braided hair. You can get them in brown, black, blonde ... any colour that resembles hair.

Now just because you wear hippie headbands doesn't mean you immediately look like a hippie. 
If you wear the headband in the middle of your forehead over your new Rihanna or Keri Hilson weave, you don't look that much like a hippie unless your whole outfit resembles Woodstock.
I think if you just get your hair in a "Yes I just woke up and my hair looks this good" hairstyle, and whip the headband as if its the norm then I can classify you as a hippie resembling.

The thin rubber-band looking headbands which give you a headache after an hour of wearing, can also be classified as hippie, depending on how you wear them.

Technically any headband can make you look like John Lennon, if you wear it right.

The Alice Band
Maybe the reason why I don't like these is because I'm black and have "big" hair. You see the thing is that these alice band headband things don't fit where they are supposed to fit on my head. I think we should put a ban on them, even though they are oh so cute. But they fit on the girls with the gorgeous Pantene hair or the made in India hair.
These headbands are oh so cute, but they are not for everyone. My favourite are the ones with the accessories, for example Lady Gaga's gorgeous bow wig headband. I love it but I think only Lady Gaga should wear it!

To finish off, I know headbands are here to stay and the way they look and the way we wear them will forever be evolving. 
When we wear headbands I don't think we should look in the mirror and say, "Today I want this headband to make me look like a high school girl". I honestly think we should make the headbands look like us as individuals and we should wear them with enough confiden
ce that they blend into our personal styles.

I also don't think headbands should hide the way your hair naturally falls. If you have a fringe, put the headband over that fringe. 

I'm not exactly sure how many pair of headbands I have. Someone estimated over 60. To me headbands have become like shoes. I can't leave the house without one and the headband I decide to wear needs to fit the occasion and the outfit. 

Headbands are the ultimate accessory and without it I'm lost.

Wear those headbands but don't let them wear you!

P.S. Did I mention that animal print headbands are the future!


Alex said...

I remember the day Zovuyo didn't wear a head band. I was shocked and amazed. The world seemed to have gone crazy. I'm glad she has come to accept her role as a fashion icon.

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