Monday, 31 May 2010


So Drake was the cool kid but I could not stand him.I now have an OCD for his music.

Even my sister, Thozama likes one of his songs and she is the last person on the planet to like one of his songs, wait I lie, she likes 3 of his songs. I'm sure if I made my mom listen to him she would also like him. I mean she likes gangster songs by T.I. and now here is an artist who has an appreciation for the art of music. I'm sure she'll love him.

I'm actually starting to worry myself because the first thing I do when I hit youtube is youtube every single Drake song I know. Maybe I should be like Rihanna and check into rehab.
So Aubrey Graham, aka Drake (yes I know his birth name) is from Canada. I think Canada is one of the most randomest countries ever. Anyway not only is he a rapper/singer/mega-star he is also an actor. No offence Drake but I don't want to see you act.
Now Drake didn't have a record deal for a while. Why he didn't have one, I have no idea. Could be the inner gypsy or I'll ask my other OCD-for-Drake friend, Marang. But now that he has a record label with Lil Wayne's record label (Why the Jail bird Drake? Why?) an album shall be released on the 15th of June. Yes I will go and buy it and his song Find Your Love confirmed that for me.

One of the reasons why I think I have an OCD for Drake's music is because to me it sounds completely genuine. It doesn't seem as if he walked into the studio and said "Today I want to make a song that will just make money". It seems as if there is a meticulous process that he follows when making every single song.
The song, Find Your Love seems like he wrote it to one girl and is singing only to this one girl. It doesn't sound like a song intended for groupies but for that one girl he really loves and that he gave his heart to.
Maybe I'm looking too deep into his music but when I hear his songs I feel like I'm listening to his personal thoughts ... It's just amazing. I'm not really a fan of Drake the rapper, I prefer it when he sings.
Maybe Drake is my new Michael Jackson so it is probably best that I don't go to any live concerts or else I will find myself in an ambulance and on MTV and most probably youtube as well.

And by the way Alicia Keys + Drake = The Future of MusicUnthinkable started it and Fireworks is just showing how amazing this duo is together.

Fireworks ft. Alicia Keys


Find Your Love


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