Monday, 24 May 2010

x&y by z

I have an OCD for this album. It is by far one of the greatest albums ever made.
I do not remember much of 2005. Well I was in grade 9 and it wasn't the best of years. I don't even think I used to dress well back in those days. I mean like, what did happen in 2005 ... nothing interesting. However, one of the most beautiful albums ever produced was released in June 2005, X&Y by Coldplay.

Before 2005, I had always loved Coldplay, never was I obsessed with them though. Then my father bought the album. Now when my father buys music, you know it's good. Even if it is the most randomest of albums, you still know it's good music. I remember that day so well. First of all we were so shocked that my father even knew who they were. I looked at the blue album and took a listen. Music was never the same after I heard that album for the first time.

The only CD that was played in the car for a whole year was X&Y. I had already imagined how I would be if I was a background singer for the group. It was just X&Y 24/7 at our house.
Then Coldplay released Viva La Vida and we forgot about X&Y. There was so much hype around Viva La Vida. Even people who never listened to Colplay loved it. I won't lie it was a brilliant listen for about 4 months then I stopped listening to it. Then one day I was with my sister, Thozama and we both said that X&Y is most probably the most underated Coldplay albums. It is also our favourite as I am sure you have realised.

The way that Coldplay constructs their lyrics and music makes it seem as if it's a science and they are Einstein.

High up above or down below
when you're too in love to let it go
If you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth
-Fix You
You see the world in black and white
No colour or light
You think you'll never get it right
But you're wrong... you might

You cut me down to size and opened up my eyes
Made me realize what I could not see
-Swallowed in The Sea

Like I have mentioned numerous times in this blog, X&Y is without a doubt my favourite Coldplay album and is sadly also the most underated Coldplay albums. It gives me reason to believe that people out there still believe in good music. 5 years later, I'm still listening and loving the album like the first time I ever heard it.

When my parents were younger they listened to Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Michael Jackson and The Police. To this day they still listen to them and so do I because it's quality music that will never get old.

This is the music that I will tell my children I listened to when I was young and hopefully they will also listen.


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