Thursday, 17 June 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Diary: Day Four

Day Four of the World Cup. One of my favourite days of the World Cup, and the World Cup isn't even finished yet.
We went to watch the Italy vs Paraguay game at the Green Point Stadium. I was backing the Italian Stallions because in my heart I believe that I would be Italian if I wasn't South African. So I got on my Italian face paint, snow jacket and wellingtons. It was freezing and raining. But if you from Cape Town, you are already used to the weather and take the necessary precautions. We were all in our snow jackets and ready to go.

We first went to the usual spot, The V&A Watefront where we ate and waited to stand in line. The V&A was buzzing with Paraguayan and Italian fans. I didn't even know that there were so many Italian South Africans in Cape Town. I would see 'Italians' and be like "Wow, there are Italians here!", then they speak Afrikaans and its like, um ... okay. Otherwise you could see who the real Italians were. They were these Goodfella-looking men and you could tell that they owned pizza restaurants. My mother was even scared because the only time she has seen Italians is when we were in Italy and in these gangster movies, and they aren't the friendliest looking people. She thought the mafia was at the Waterfront.

After galavanting at the Waterfront walked to the stadium and it was there we waited and waited for the gates to open. Once they were opened we took out our golden tickets and entered the stadium. We had to walk to the entrance as they cut off all roads to the stadium but it wasn't a long walk. We got to the final gate and heaven awaited us. As we walked up the stairs to the stadium I was waiting for Morgan Freeman to come out in all white and tell us we have arrived in heaven. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life. It was the first time I saw the stadium that close up. Everyone's heads would not stop turning and we were all gasping and the excitement started. We weren't even cold anymore.

We walked in and found our seats. Block 119, Row 16 Seats 6-9, I still remember it very well. We were sitting right opposite the goal posts and right in the middle of the Paraguay 'Carnival'.

The Paraguayans arrived with their huge flags and orchestra. We don't even know where Paraguay is on the map but one thing I can say is that the Paraguayans know how to have fun.

The players came onto the field and that is when I realised that we are really here to watch a match. It rained, but that didn't stop the fun. There were three guys dressed in suits and had penguins with them. Now they were definitely Capetonians, no doubt about it and they started a Mexican wave which we thought would never stop. When the wave would come round to our side it felt like thunder was on its way.

All in all it was an amazing day and night and I would do it all again.
Thanks to the construction workers who built that stadium, it truly is a work of art!

Waiting for the gates to open. I felt like I was in the Lord of The Rings, the Two Towers, waiting for the war to start. It even started raining to add to the effect. Everyone was cheering and blowing their vuvuzela's as if we were already at the match. We even had 'Italians' with British accents asking us what Ayoba means. We thought about it for about half a second until we realised it means, wow, good, amazing, well at least something to that effect.

At the stairs where Morgan Freeman awaits our arrival.

The stadium and the rain. If you look carefully you'll see that it doesn't rain on the seats. Just the field.

The Paraguayan band leader with his drum. If vuvuzela's are such a problem, how come this isn't? At the stadium it was mostly the foreigners who were blowing the vuvuzela's so people must stop trying to touch us on our vuvuzela's.

With little Italian supporters.

With Paraguayans. They were super patriotic, and a little rude. They were speaking Portuguese so I'm not exactly sure what they were saying. However some of the words I did catch, I have heard before in the film City of God and when reading the subtitle's the weren't the kindest of words.

Oh and the Namibian flag came from a Namibian supporter. My mom and I didn't know that they were also in the World Cup.

Corner kicks. These are my favourite. All the players start pushing and pulling each other and then when the referee sees they are like little children with their hands up saying its not me.

With former Bafana Bafana player, Quinton Fortune. We told him he looks like our brother, so he called us his sisters!


All soccer players are actors so this is not a surprise.

After Paraguay's goal.

Canavaro! Canavaro!

Once the Italian team scored, the Paraguayans went quite and depressed. There was no more shouting.


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