Monday, 14 June 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Diary: Day Three

Day Three of the World Cup. Well it was definitely a lot calmer than day one. I started off at the Waterfront, once again and had lunch with my father, cousin and sister at Balducci's. A very beautiful restaurant with amazing seafood. From there we went to the amphitheater and saw some of the Ghana vs Serbia game. South Africans were dressed in Ghanian gear and obviously the Ghanians were dressed in their gear. I must admit that I wasn't really interested in the game because I just wanted to go to the FIFA Fan Fest and watch Goldfish.

Cape Town was also raining, but it wasn't the usual hard rain where you can't leave your car or house. It was just the random drizzle here and there. Thankfully the rain ended an hour or so before Goldfish performed. We arrived at the Fan Fest just as the match ended and the Ghanians had a successful game. I'm not exactly sure who scored the goal but the Ghanians did mention his name, I just don't remember it.

Now the FIFA Fan Fest is amazing. It almost has a festival feel to it. There was a merchandise shop, a "chill zone" and obviously the performance/stage area. Its basically a rectangle with two bars on either side, the stage and a hospitality area.

There were German fans, Brazilian fans, South African fans, you name it, every country was there and enjoying themselves and the rain stayed away. Then Goldfish started and Cape Town went mad.

Now the duo Goldfish, are from Cape Town and are very well known in Cape Town. We were all there singing along to their songs and just having a good time. Even Germans, who I know have never heard about Goldfish were having such a good time. The camera men would also show us on the huge screen and people would just start jumping and waving their flags when they were shown on the screen.

As soon as Goldfish ended, the rain came down and we had to run for cover and find a place to watch the game. This was quite disappointing as we wanted to watch the game at the Fan Fest with all the other German fans.

We decided to go to the very famous Long Street and watch the game at the bar/nightclub Neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood is a very nice bar, it almost looks like someone's apartment and because it was a much older crowd, people weren't being raucous inside.

We sat and watched what looked like a playstation game my brother plays.
When my brother was younger he would put the FIFA playstation game on two player, but he would play by himself and the other team would do nothing. They would just stand there. Now this is what this Germany vs Australia game looked like. Germany was my brother and Australia was the non existent player.

The Germans did very well and it seems as if they might be the team to beat.

On our way to town. I had the facepaint first!

At the FIFA Fan Fest. The guy with the eggs is everywhere and when I mean everywhere I mean everywhere. He is at the Grahamstown Festival, Design Indaba, Good Food and Wine Show, basically anything to do with culture and fun. I think he might even be Ghanian and his name is Gerry, Gary, not really sure but something to that effect. He also carries around a telephone with him and starts ululating when he 'answers' it.

With the very proud Ghanian fans

Goldfish on stage. David Poole, one of the members of the duo, plays the saxophone. Each time he would bring out his saxophone, we all took out our vuvuzelas and started blowing. It was the first time I went to a concert and the audience was doing more than just clapping and singing, we were playing our own instruments together with the band.


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