Saturday, 5 June 2010

Alex Lubomirski

Today I picked up a book, I think it was called Fashion and Advertising. Not really sure and not really sure of the author either. So I was reading through it and I think they should have changed the name to Fashion and Photography as that is what is was about. Anyway so I'm reading through and I see these amazing photographs that were taken for various magazines, some of them being Harper's Bazaar. Turns out the photographer is, Alex Lubomirski. I didn't know who he was ... but then I read his biography.

Alex was born in England and moved to Botswana when he was eight. In Xhosa I would call him umkhaya because he comes from the same place as me ... okay so Botswana isn't South Africa but its close enough. Then some history takes place (goes on gap year, falls in love with photography, abcdefg). And then all of a sudden BANG! he is the photographer of some of the most beautiful women for Harper's Bazaar.

After seeing some of these images, I begin to wonder, "Are we supposed to thank fashion designers or the people involved in editorial photoshoots for making us want amazing beautiful clothing?" I think we ought to thank the photography team. By photography team I mean the people who work on the lighting, the set designers, and other people, including obviously the photographer.

If I were to give a random person on the side of the road a camera and asked them to either take a photograph of a beautiful person or dress, will this photograph come out the same way Lubomirski's photographs come out, don't think so. But this is not to say that the photography won't be a good one.

Without brilliant photographers who understand light and all the things that go with photography, we wouldn't necessarily long for beautiful clothes or makeup. Well at least I wouldn't want them. The reason why I wouldn't want them is because I wouldn't have seen how beautiful they could be.

Photographers also create a pseudo lifestyle that we all want to be part of. And in order to be part of this lifestyle, you need to have the clothes, the shoes, the furniture, the setting. So photography is all a scam for us to buy these things so we can be part of this imaginary life.

If photography is all a scam, well then Alex is the best at it. When I see his images the only thing I want to do is be Cate Blanchett. But one thing I love about his images is that they don't seem completely unreal. They are brilliant and he is brilliant. His images accentuate people's personalities and lives. For example the Heidi Klum and Seal image accentuate's their very loving relationship.
Alex Lubomirski is a genius who creates images that I wish I could step into.

Visit his website to see more amazing photographs and read the full biography


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