Sunday, 11 July 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Diary: Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen of the World Cup. Never have I seen so much orange in my life. It wasn't even preschool orange, it was highlighter orange. The type you use in high school while studying for exams. The whole of Cape Town was orange and the whole of Cape Town awaited their arrival. The Oranje as they are called, even got their own special train to take them to Fan Park. We decided to walk through the CBD so we could see them in their colours.

The Oranje were everywhere. When we finally arrived at Fan Park, I felt like I was in the Netherlands. Now, I'm seeing all these people dressed in Orange and I'm thinking to myself, "you aren't Dutch, you're South African". Then they speak Dutch and it's like okay, maybe they are Dutch. There were so many 'South Africans' who were pretending to be 'Dutch'. Then it clicked: Jan Van Riebeeck, the first European to come to Cape Town, was Dutch. So all of these Dutch people who I thought were Capetonians, were actually Dutch.

The Dutch that day really took over Cape Town, like they did in the 1625. All the staff at Fan Park were wearing orange and we weren't allowed to hear the commentary from the Italy vs Slovakia game because a Dutch singer was singing their songs and the Dutch were having the time of their life. Dutch music sounds like the Afrikaans music I hear in Pretoria.

All in all being with the Dutch was fun. I have never seen people so patriotic, besides South Africans of course. There was even a group of people who were dressed as an airline called The Flying Dutchmen. Thanks to the Dutch for showing us how they do it and for dropping an orange paint bomb in Cape Town.

A Dutch fan walking the Fan Walk.

Coffee shops were painted Orange.

In South Africa we are so used to seeing younger people dressing up and having a party. However, the older Dutch people were the first to dress up and party.

We were all singing along to the music, then all of a sudden we see this orange smoke come from the middle of nowhere. I guess when they came to South Africa, they took home some of the vudu magic with them because they ended up wining the match.

Another Golden Oldie dressed to impress.


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