Friday, 2 July 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Diary: Day Nine

Day Nine of the World Cup. We once again went to the FIFA Fan Fest but this time we took our mom. It was her first time there.

Today Fan Park wasn't too full because it wasn't a South African match but there were fans of all nations there. We met English, Cameroonian, French, people from the DRC and obviously South African Fans.

As we arrived, we saw that there was an influx of rastafarians. Now most of us have "dreads" in our family, I say dreads in italics and inverted commas because I don't really have proper dreads, so we all got the memo. If people didn't have dreads then they had afro's. It was a hippy/rastafarian conference.

Then a band started playing, and it was a reggae band. That's when I realised why it was a hippy/rastafarian conference.

Apparently the Springboks were playing and father's with their children were also in their Springbok jersey's and they were also dancing. Old rugby men dancing to reggae ... welcome to Cape Town, I hope you enjoy your stay.

The reggae was very nice, not exactly sure who the band was but it was really good.

After the reggae, the Cameroon vs Denmark game started. The Cameroon national anthem started and 50% of the Fan Park started singing. Then the Denmark national anthem started. About seven people in their Denmark flags and facepaint started singing. The game started and I finally saw the all so famous Samuel Eto'o in action. He then scored a goal and I then realised why there was so much hype around him. Fan Park went mad! I even got up and started jumping because Cameroon was putting Africa on the map. Then Denmark scored a goal and only one fan with his Danish flag ran around fan park. The vuvuzelas also stopped.

We left after the first half and it was a really good night. A little cold at times but it was fun!

A French English fan. He is French but supports England. He says its because he has English roomates. He was telling us about how much he loves South Africa and he was rooting for Bafana Bafana!

Some of the Cameroonian fans. I love their colours!

The guy in the white and black sunglasses was in his Springbok jersey and having a jol to the reggae!

The very patriotic Cameroonian fan!


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