Sunday, 4 July 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Diary: Day Six

Day Six of the World Cup: The day that decided Bafana Bafana's fate.

We started off at the FIFA Fan Fest once again. It was quite a cold day in Cape Town but nothing we couldn't handle. We parked in I think, Loop Street. Not exactly sure but we had to walk to the Fan Fest and it was a really nice walk. South Africa was only playing at 20:30 and we arrived in town at about three o'clock so it still was a bit quiet but the supporters were there in their outfits.

We arrived at Fan Fest and a match was playing, not sure who it was. I actually can't remember. We were just waiting for the Spain vs Switzerland game. Fan Fest wasn't even that full yet but all the "Spanish" were there. I say spanish in inverted comma's because they aren't of Spanish descent. They are more of Cape Town descent.

This was also the first day I ate Fan Fest food. The line for the food was long but it was good food and the Coca-Cola was even better! The Spanish game started and people in the front sat down and others stood. Suprising Spain lost to Switzerland ... Switzerland! I didn't even know that they played soccer. I knew the Swiss for Lindt chocolate. I saw the score and it was then I knew that anything was possible in this World Cup and that even Bafana Bafana could win.

Unfortunately that is not what happened. Before the match, Fan Fest was like a concert venue. Even famous the South African male RnB singer, Loyiso performed. And it was a good performance even if I say so myself. After his performance we all eagerly awaited the match to begin. We even forgot that we were cold as soon as they played Waka Waka and Wavin' Flag. You would think that Shakira and K'naan were there singing on the stage.

People who weren't South African were wearing Bafana Bafana jerseys and it is then I realised that foreigners obviously support their home countries, then their second choice is Bafana Bafana. With this much support behind them, we would expect Bafana Bafana to do well. Germans and Swiss were in Bafana Bafana jerseys and had their vuvuzelas in hand.

The hype around the match was HUGE! For a moment I thought I was at the stadium. We were all chanting "Wave Your Flag" and "Waka Waka". Then the match started and the vuvuzelas didn't stop. The only time the vuvuzelas stopped is when Forlan scored a goal for Uruguay. FIFA Fan Fest Cape Town went quiet. In that moment I felt like our World Cup was finished.

During half time we went to go get hot chocolate and so many people came up to me and told me not to look so sad, South Africa can still make it. All these words gave me hope until the referee gave Itumeleng Khune a red card. Then I thought, "How could we play a game without a goalkeeper", "It's over Bafana Bafana." But apparently the referee was wrong and the fans at Fan Fest went raucous. We were shouting at the screen as if the referee could hear us and would change his mind. A referee's wrong call silenced a nation.

I saw women take off their flags and start crying. Grown men were crying. It was one of the saddest days at the world cup and Uruguay's third goal put the last nail in the coffin.

When walking back to the car random people would shout: "We are out!" It was in that moment when I thought the World Cup was leaving us. Then I realised that it's not and there is still hope for Bafana Bafana.

After the loss, people were mad and others said this is why the watch rugby. To those people who were fake supporters, please go back and watch your other sports and leave us real Bafana Bafana supporters.
Bafana Bafana for Life, Win or Loose.

On the way to the fan park dressed in South African attire!

Posing with some of the beautiful sculptures in town.

With Gary/Gerry!

Watching the Spain vs Switzerland. I'm actually quite glad that Switzerland won. I don't know any of the players but I was glad an underdog won the game.

Half time. At least the clouds bought cold not rain.

So you come to Fan Park to listen to your ipod.

Waiting for the game to start. Everyone had their vuvuzelas in hand.


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