Wednesday, 7 July 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Diary: Day Twelve

Day Twelve. One of the most patriotic days for South Africans. It was also do or die for Bafana Bafana in terms of qualifying to the next round. There were some FIFA academics that were going to determine whether we were going to advance to the next round.
  1. Uruguay had to beat Mexico.
  2. Bafana Bafana had to win 5-0 against France.
  3. France have to boycott the game and we automatically get three points and three goals.

Whether Bafana Bafana where going to win, loose, advance to the next round or be the first host team out of the World Cup, really didn't matter to me. I was still going to wear my Bafana Bafana jersey and be a proud South African!

I was quite scared that other South Africans weren't going to be behind Bafana. I feared that I was going to be the only South African supporting our boys. But once I arrived to the FIFA Fan Park, all I saw was Green and Gold. All of us at Fan Park had even forgotten that we might not even make it. We were just there to support our boys.

I would over hear people speaking in languages I have never heard before wearing Bafana Bafana t-shirts. Not only was South Africa behind them, but so was the rest of the world. People were wrapped in SA flags and covered in black, yellow, white, blue, red and green face paint. It was the one day when everyone wanted to be a South African.

Fan Park was packed to capacity and we were all singing and dancing along to Wave Your Flag and Waka Waka. I think this was my favourite day of the World Cup.

Together we all sang the national anthem. We couldn't even hear the players and the audience from Bloemfontein singing and the speakers at Fan Park are louder than loud.

The match started and we saw that the starting line up had changed. There was a roar of excitement from the crowd. (I think because Teko Modise was off.)

The match started and Fan Park was never quiet. Then South Africa started scoring goals. It was pure madness and we once again had hope. When we heard that Uruguay scored a goal against Mexico, we got even more excited. Then Bafana Bafana put another ball at the back of the net. South Africa was never the same. I can't begin to explain how proud I was. At this point we really didn't care whether we were going to make it to the next round because we were beating the runners up of the previous World Cup. I didn't even concentrate for the rest of the match because we were winning.

Half time came and the excitement didn't end. I even saw girls that I was at school with and it became a screaming festival. Randoms were taking photographs with other randoms. People were running around mad as hatters. I even forgot that the match was starting again. We ran back to the screen and watched them in action again.

We might have not made it to the next round but it was one of the best days for South African Football and South African people. I would never exchange the experience I had that day for anything else in the World.

Well done Bafana Bafana! You make me love South Africa even more!

Face paint, Vuvuzela, Bafana Bafana shirt: All the things you need for a match!

Posing with the ... not sure what its called. Lets call it Ayobaness!

Before Fan Park was packed to capacity.

Waving our flags and doing the Waka Waka.

While Wave Your Flag was playing someone behind me was playing along to the tune with a 'vuvuzela' I turned around to find it was a 2L coke bottle. Guess vuvuzelas are good for the environment as well.

GOAL by Bongani Khumalo


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