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2010 FIFA World Cup Review: The Best of The Best and The Worst of The Worst

Let me not lie. During soccer matches I really don't listen to the commentators. They are actually quite boring and are always talking about the technical details and past games. I think if I had my own commentary it would be the most listened to commentary. I wouldn't really speak about the actual soccer but about the players, their wives, the coaches, the uniform and anything else interesting. I would even speak about the people in the crowds and the celebrities in the box. Obviously if there was a goal I would say GOAL and if there was a corner kick I would say CORNER KICK etc.

During the World Cup I would write down the best and the worst of whatever I saw and this is my review of the World Cup and a taste of what would be in my commentary.

The Best of The Best and The Worst of The Worst

Worst Uniform

Algeria (Did they not know it blends in with the grass?)

Best Uniform


Best Goals

Maicon: Brazil vs North Korea
Siphiwe Tshabalala: South Africa vs Mexico
Samuel Eto'o: Cameroon vs Denmark
Fabiano: Brazil vs Ivory Coast
Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal vs North Korea
Bongani Khumalo: South Africa vs France
David Villa: Spain vs Uruguay
Spain vs Chile
Diego Forlan: Uruguay vs Netherlands
Van Bronckhorst: Uruguay vs Netherlands

Players I should have been told about:

Mesut Oezil
Diego Forlan
David Villa
Kevin Prince Boateng

Players who weren't thinking:

Robert Green: England vs USA
There is no need to explain

Claudio Bravo: Chile vs Spain
As a goal keeper you meant to make sure the ball doesn't hit the back of the net. Bravo decided to leave his post, stand outside the box and Villa went to score.

Duda: Brazil vs Chile
After a Brazilian got a yellow card he went to the referee and pulled his shirt and got himself a yellow card

Most violent game:
Brazil vs Ivory Coast

Worst Hairstyle:

Gervinho: Ivory Coast
Ramos: Spain
Puyol: Spain

Worst Luck For A Player

Pique: Spain
He was forever getting beat up. One night he even said he lost his memory.

Kaka: Brazil
He got a red card when he wasn't supposed to.

Best Dressed Coach

Germany: Joachim Loew
Nethelands: Bert Van Marwijk

Best Comedic Performance By A Coach

Diego Maradona

Most Depressed Coach
Spain: Vicente Del Bosque
France: Raymond Domenech

Worst Behaved Team

Most Academic Coach
Denmark: Morten Olsen
(He always had notes with him)

Most Festive Anthem

Everyone Loved to Hate

Teko Modise
Luis Suarez
The whole Uruguay Team

My Favourite Players

Mesut Oezil
David Villa

Catalyst To Goals

Lionel Messi
Andres Iniesta
Mesut Oezil

The Person with the most Facebook Friend Requests:

Sepp Blatter


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