Wednesday, 7 July 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Review: The Top Ten Hottest Players

We all might watch football but our reasons for watching football are all different. Some of us watch so we can see men run up and down the field while chasing a ball by the name of Jabulani.

Now before every World Cup all female magazines bring out the top ten sexiest players in the World Cup. I've read most of these lists and I have to say they are quite outdated. So I did what I do best. I asked all my female friends on Facebook who they thought were the hottest players of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. There are a few shockers but most of them were expected. So according to my Facebook friends, these are the hottest players of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The Hottest Players

Number One: Kevin Prince Boateng | Ghana

DOB: 06 March 1987 | Height: 182 cm | Number: 23

Number Two: Fernando Torres | Spain

DOB: 20 March 1984 | Height: 181 cm | Number: 9

Number Three: Giovanni Dos Santos | Mexico

DOB: 11 May 1989 | Height: 175 cm | Number: 17

Number Four: Cesc Fabregas | Spain

DOB: 04 May 1987 | Height: 175 cm | Number: 10

Number Five: David Villa | Spain

DOB: 03 December 1981 | Height: 175 cm | Number: 7

Number Six: Cristiano Ronaldo | Portugal

DOB: 05 February 1985 | Height: 185 cm | Number: 7

Number Seven: Diego Forlan | Uruguay

DOB: 19 May 1979 | Height: 181 cm | Number: 10

Number Eight: Sergio Ramos | Spain

DOB: 30 March 1986 | Height: 183 cm | Number: 15

Number Nine: Carlos Vela | Mexico

DOB: 01 March 1989 | Height: 179 cm | Number: 11

Number Ten: Fernando Llorente | Spain

DOB: 26 February 1985 | Height: 194 cm | Number: 19

Others who made the list

  • Andrew Ayew
  • Ilker Casillas
  • Thierry Henry
  • Roque Santa Cruz
  • Keisuke Honda
  • Mesut Oezil
  • Itumeleng Khune
  • Frank Lampard
  • Aaron Lennon
  • Luis Fabiano
  • Bongani Khumalo
  • Pedro Mendes
  • Xabi Alonso

I'm quite surprised that people like Kaka and Fabio Cannavaro didn't make the list. They usually reign on these lists. Guess its time for new people. Sergio Ramos was a shocker for me. I guess we all have our different tastes.

Hottest Teams

Number One: Spain

Number Two: Italy

Number Three: Brazil

Other teams which made the list
  • Japan
  • Netherdlands
  • Germany
If you ask me, this list isn't the most accurate of lists but it definitely is a lot more accurate than the others I've seen. Broadcasters, websites, newspapers and basically any form of media needs to thank these guys for being football players. It's one of the reasons why women care about the sport, but it's definitely not the only reason.


Phuti Nthite said...

I totally agree with your rankings for The Hottest Players...but i would put Santos(mexico) 1st.Though you are right, i wouldve loved more African brothers on that list (and when i say African i dont mean "African", i mean Dark/chocolate skinned/ handsome brothers. And besides his dissapointing bad luck, i think Messi is cute too...but hey what do i know.

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