Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Comeback of The Year: Kanye West

I've never really been a Kanye West-er, but after hearing Power, it is safe to say he is back and not going anywhere.
Last year Kanye had a fall out with a girl by the name of Taylor Swift. I genuinely felt really sorry for Swift and thought that West was just being so arrogant and a usual drunk.

Even after the death of Michael Jackson he claimed that he could be the next Michael Jackson. "Mxim" is what I said. Who does he think, coming here and claiming that he is the next Michael Jackson. Then I saw his 2010 VMA Performance.

He is back and not going anywhere.

I think Kanye West's comeback might have such an impact on the music industry that we might even forget about Drake. Once Nicki Minaj came along I forgot about Lil' Wayne. Lil' Wayne was always the guy who featured on every single song, but now it seems as if Nicki Minaj has taken over that role.

Could it be that Drake was just a place holder while Kanye West was reviewing his actions and planning the greatest come back of the year? Guess only time will tell.

One of the reasons why I appreciate and think we need Kanye West is because he is so arrogant and so brutally honest about his arrogance. It doesn't seem like he is asking anyone at all for praise because he gives it to himself already. In this 'world' we live in we are always waiting for other people to tell us how good we are. If we are always waiting for people to tell us how brilliant we are, when will we ever decide that we are great.

I'm really excited to hear what Kanye West has to offer us. It's unfortunate how his comeback might kill the Drake-reign. But I think it's time he came back. People are always talking about how Jay-Z is the 'greatest rapper' of our time. I don't think Jay-Z's raps are as intellectual as Kanye West's. It also doesn't seem that Jay-Z is confident enough to be controversial and make people think as much as Kanye West makes people think. Well at least I think twice.

For too long I have been hearing about men romancing girls in clubs with Patron and Hennessy. It's time to bring intellect and sophistication back to rap.

Welcome back Kanye West, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Let’s have a toast for the douchebags!


Gibson said...

That time this is so true. Kanye's album is going to be deep if Monster, Power and the Power (remix) are anything to go by. This man clearly answers to nobody and he has never doubted himself or his abilities. I think its time people stopped hating on him and started acknowledging his work. Haters, prepare to be silenced.
"Power to the people!"

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