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Music That Will Last Forever

The reason why I listen to such a wide variety of music is because of my parents. No doubt about it. Yes in high school I met cool kids who listen to alternative music like Feist and Bloc Party but my music listening career started when I was a little girl.
There was always music playing in the house and the one song that I remember, I think the first song I ever learnt was the Lionel Richie song, Love, Oh Love.

And let there be joy in the world
And let there be no sorrow
(Let there be)
And let there be peace on earth
And let there be peace on earth
For all the world
We've got to see

I just might download this song. It is one of the greatest representations of my childhood. When I was younger I never knew who sang it but I knew all the words to it. As usual there is the debate whether or not my father or mother liked it first. As you will see with the rest of my blog, this debate occurs with all artists.

When we were younger we took numerous road trips with our parents and we always had road trip music. We were obviously to young to choose our own music for a very long time so we listened to whatever our parents listened to. To this day I still listen to that same music we listened to on our way to and back from our various destinations. I can proudly say that I have all these albums on my ipod and still listen to at least one of them a day. So I decided to list my favourite albums in a list called "My Top Six Albums that will be with me Forever". Yes the name is long and six is a random number.

Number Six | Julio Iglesias | My Love Greatest Hits
Released: 1998

I don't even know what the songs are called and what he is talking about. However he is a Spanish male so I guess he is talking about women. Whether or not I understand his language, I know that his music is great. Beyond great. While writing this blog my sister and I started singing the whole album.
My favourite are: Moralito (La Gota Fria), Crazy, My Love feat. Stevie Wonder
I could of easily thought of Julio has an orange old man who loves women. But because he's music is so brilliant, you look beyond that and just appreciate his talent.

Julio Iglesias and Diana Ross | All Of You

Number Five | Sarah Brightman | Time To Say Goodbye
Released: 1997

If I never knew who Sarah Brightman was and someone gave me the album this year to listen to. It would most probably sit on my laptop until next year with a play count that says 0. Because to me Sarah Brightman is a lady who sings "opera". What am I doing listening to Sarah Brightman when I can be listening to Drake. However, thankfully I grew up with parents who listened to Sarah Brightman and I am forever so grateful that we listened to her in the car.
Most of the time she's singing in a foreign language to me, I still sing a long even though most of the time I make up my own lyrics.

Kana Ka nata,

na na Taba

Those are my lyrics for the song Naturaleza Muerta. The actual lyrics are:
Y llorar, y llorar, y llorar por él
Y esperar, y esperar, y esperar de pie
En la orilla a que vuelva Miguel

My favourite songs are: No One Like You, Just Show Me How to Love You, Just Show Me How to Love You, There For Me, Who Wants to Live Forever, Naturaleza Muerta.
I highly doubt that I will ever stop listening Sarah Brightman. Just because she is not one MTV and showing us what makes her female doesn't mean she isn't a great singer or performer. It's also unfortunate how that is what we know regard as a good singer and performer.

Sarah Brightman | There For Me

Number Four | James Ingram | Always You
Released 1993

A couple of years ago, maybe two years ago. I found this cd, Always You. I asked my mother who this guy was and she was like "Haibo! UJames Ingram!" I still didn't know who he was until I put it in my laptop and gave it a listen. Memories came back of my childhood. I LOVE this album. Every song, besides maybe one is brilliant. This album is just an example of how simple music used to be. There was no need for it to be dramatic and unnecessary.

My favourite songs are: Someone Like You, Let Me Love You This Way, Always You, A Baby's Born, This is the Night.

James Ingram | Someone Like You

Number Three | Cher | The Greatest Hits
Released: 1999

When I think of trips back from Somerset East I think of this lady.

You heart is down for the count and you know you're gonna lose it
Tonight you're gonna go down in flames
Just like Jesse James

I just might know every song by heart. She was essentially the beginning of this whole crazy, outrageous fashion. She was here before Lady Gaga and Rihanna. She is insane in the membrane and highly dramatic but I love her and the lyrics in the song Love and Understanding ask so many questions which we are too scared to ask ourselves.
My favourite songs: are Just Like Jesse James, Heart of Stone, Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, Love Hurts, I Found Someone, One By One, Love can build a bridge, Bang Bang

Cher | Love and Understanding

Number Two | Elton John | Love Songs
Released: 1996

I highly doubt that I am a romantic. However listening to this Elton John removes all those thoughts. I would get married just so I could play these songs at my wedding. You unfortunately don't get quality like this anymore. It just doesn't exist. The private life of performers now takes center stage, not their music. If Elton John became an artist now, we wouldn't really care about the music as much as his gay lifestyle. Thank God he made music in a time when good music actually mattered.
My favourite songs are: The One, Daniel, Nikita, Someone Saved My Life Tonight, Your Song, Blue Eyes, Candle In The Wind, Blessed.

Elton John | Blue Eyes

Number One | Eros Ramazzotti | Tutte Storie
Released: 1993

If the house was burning and I had to take only one thing, I would take this album. Unfortunately I don't know where the actual disc is. So I would rather burn the disc, no pun intended, and burn my arm while waiting for it to complete burning. I don't really see how I could live a week without listening to Eros Ramazzotti. I have absolutely no idea what he is saying but I have come to realise from writing this blog that you don't need to know what the person is saying. If you can feel their feelings and emotions then, it's a good song.
I don't know when we started listening to Eros Ramazzotti, or which parent heard it first. There is some long story that my mother bought the cd and my father took it or my mother heard in Musica and my father bought it ... not really sure. All I know is that this album is like a family heirloom. I now have it and I will definitely make sure my children have it because I don't think Lil' Wayne's children's music will even be able to match this amazing-ness.
My Favourite songs are: Cose Della Vita, A Mezza Via, Un 'altra te, Memorie, In Compagnia, Silver e Missie

Eros Ramazzotti | Cose Della Vita

I love how I have a story about these albums. Hopefully I will be able to road trip with my kids and make memories with them as well. Fortunately we will be listening to this music thanks to my parents.


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I love Eros's music so much, he is fantastic! I even have a blog dedicated to him lol

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