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Louis Vuitton Ready To Wear Spring/Summer 2011

I might not know who I'm going to marry, but I know who my best friend is going to be in a couple of years ... Marc Jacobs! He just might be my maid of honour at my imaginary wedding.
My children are going to wear his clothes, so will I and the rest of my family. The uniform in my house will be Marc Jacobs only and detention will be given to those who don't adhere. What is the punishment? Writing essays on why Marc Jacobs is the best.
If you have never seen any of his work or even heard of him, I'm not really sure which hole you have been living in.

He was voted Best Fashion of the Decade 2000-2009 by Paste Magazine.

When you are the art director that helped re-create a luxury luggage company into a sought after item, obviously you are the Designer of the Decade. Yes, you can find a Larry Vuitton bag at South African traffic lights. However that does not degrade the quality of the genuine bags. Like Katt Williams said, you need haters. Who are the haters? The people manufacturing Larry Vuittons. They wish they designed those bags and unfortunately they didn't. The only thing they can do now is manufacture fakes.
If you have people copying you ... you must know that you are great.

I saw his Louis Vuitton Ready To Wear Sring/Summer 2011 Collection on The Satorialist. As soon as I saw it the word blog came to my mind.
It is just beautiful and I think unexpected in terms of Fashion Forecasting. It's very cultural. With the current trends it seems as if we are all moving towards the '20s inspired look mixed with a little bit of hippy/gypsy art.
High waisted skirts and two-tone colour dresses definitely weren't the order of the day. The Louis Vuitton show was more like a trip to the zoo. The complete opposite of his Marc by Marc Jacobs show at the same event. That was very beach chic.

Seeing as the Louis Vuitton show is very cultured, lets see if we can spot the inspiration.

Inspiration: Animal, Zebra

Inspiration: Culture, Asian

Inspiration: Animal, Polar Bear

Inspiration: Culture, Asian

Reminiscent of his grunge inspired fashion shows in the '90s

Is it a dress, is it a jumpsuit, is it two pieces?
It's beautiful. The way it fits makes it even more beautiful. I think if this item was just hanging in a shop women wouldn't really see how beautiful it looks. It would look just like a random, loose fitting two color dress-pant-thing. But the model pulls off the look very well. Not sure about the shoes.

Inspiration: The Ocean.
Marc Jacobs put the Ocean in a dress.

Inspiration: Culture, Asian.
It's a twist on Asian inspired clothing. It's grunge, eccentric. It is Marc Jacobs

Inspiration: Culture, '20s Hollywood.
The '20s inspiration I spoke about appears here. It's not subtle, it is the style of '20s Hollywood.

Inspiration: Culture, African
It looks a little I'm-a-waitress-at-an-african-resort but it's very cute. Pair the top with blue skinny jeans, platforms and you have a new outfit.

Amazing Pants! The top reminds me of a butterfly.

Inspiration: Culture, Asian

Reminiscent of the grunge Marc Jacobs

Inspiration: Animal, Giraffe
I LOVE The Giraffe suit. It makes a plain white suit fun. It also puts a twist on animal print. Why have leopard print when you can have giraffe print.
This is an example of Art and Fashion.

I loved this show. Reminds me of the old Marc Jacobs and I love how he kept that style even though its a lot more subtle than what it was in the '90s.

Louis Vuitton clothes don't get that much recognition and yes, their luggae is much better. That's because it's what Louis Vuitton is known for but their clothes should not be overshadowed.
This show is re-defining the terms Art and Fashion.

This is definitely one show were the words Art and Fashion can be used in one sentence and the sentence actually makes sense.

This show is the Art of Fashion.


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