Sunday, 24 October 2010

Marie Claire - November 2010

So I'm at a Wine Farm in Stellenbosch. Eating with family.
I order a cheese and bacon burger.

Now it's time to leave and I check my Blackberry. I have an e-mail. Who would e-mail me, during the day on a Wednesday? It's not like I work or anything.
The e-mail reads ...

"Hi Zovuyo


You are the winner of the letters page giveaway as featured in Marie Claire October 2010 issue.

What?! I have never won anything in my life and here I am with the winning letter in the Marie Claire Magazine. Is this a joke?

Well apparently it wasn't because my letter is in the magazine as we speak.

Friday, 22 October 2010
My maths lecture is about to end. I go to Associate Magazines on my phone because I've been waiting for this issue to come out and they usually come out around the 23rd of each month.
The first thing I see is that there is a new Cosmopolitan out which definitely means the new Marie Claire is out. Go to the Marie Claire part of the site and BANG! it's out.

Lecture is finished. I'm now on my way to the Campus Book Store.
They don't have it but they have the new Elle, Women In Hollywood Magazine. (I have to get it).
So I take a trip to Hatfield Plaza. The little student mall. Nothing fancy at all.

Walk into Pick 'n Pay.
They have the new Cosmo but not the new Marie Claire
Walk to Clicks. (I have a Clicks voucher and card so this works to my advantage)
As I walk in ... BANG! The magazine is there. Joy! But I'm also to nervous to buy it. What if my letter isn't in it? The anxiety? I take it off the shelf, get some Nivea and walk to the till.
It's sealed so I can't open in it. I hand over my ATM card. What if it declines ... the Terror!
It's approved and I walk out the shop and start taking off the plastic.
There my name is, in black and white under winning letter, Zovuyo Mputa.

Now I'm smiling by myself. People most probably think I have some disorder. But the only thing I want to do is tell the whole world that my letter is in the Marie Claire Magazine.

I even started writing this blog in my head. It sounded like an Academy Award Acceptance speech. "Thank you to everyone who read my blog. Without you this wouldn't be possible".

I'm crossing the road and I call my mom to tell her the letter is in the magazine. She's just waiting for me to get famous and she won't buy the magazine. She's going to wait for my copy.

I arrive back on campus. Now I have to plan my game plan.
Do I boast to everyone?
Or do I play it cool?

Play it cool.

I put up a BBM and Facebook status telling everyone that I'm in the magazine.
People start asking why I'm in the mag. I get congratulations ... Can I handle this amount of fame?
Okay now I know I'm exaggerating.

Waiting for my next Lecture to start. I read through the magazine and see a familiar name. Simon Deporres. This is a fasion-empire-to-be started by two crazy Cape Town kids. Mpilo Ngcukana and Simon Poccock. Yes I know both of them. I immediately BBM Mpilo and tell him he's in the magazine.
So now there are 3 crazy Cape Town people in one magazine.
I see a bright future for my generation.

My lecture is finished. I'm now walking to the Architecture building to show my sister and her architecture buddies.
Everyone starts acting as if it's my first article in a magazine. (Mind you, I intentionally made everyone believe it was a real article that I got paid for.)

I go work on my project in the IT labs.
People start coming in and I obviously show them that I'm in the magazine. But now I've even forgotten that I'm in the magazine. (I like how I make it sound as if my photograph is also in it.)

Everyone says their really proud and think it's really cool. I also think it's really cool.

Academy Award Winning Speech

I just want to say a BIG! Thank you to everyone who has read my blog. My blog has received +2600 hits and +200 profile views. If I didn't have people reading my blog, I wouldn't be writing. And I was really bad at English in High School, so maybe I'm not that bad anymore.
Many people say they enjoy reading my blog posts. This gives me even more reason to carry on writing.

I never wanted to write for magazines or anything of that nature. I just wanted to be the Devil in Prada. But now there may be is a reason for me to be a writer for magazines.

Thank you to my mother who bought the magazine with the Barbie article in it and thank you to my sister who told me the article was in the magazine.
Thank you to all my followers. The official and unofficial ones.

Thanks to Marie Claire for putting my letter in your amazing magazine. It really is my favourite magazine. It is not just focused on one topic. It covers a variety of topics and educates at the same time.

I promise to carry on writing and keep you all entertained.

Zovuyo Mputa


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