Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Power That Is Kanye West

So you've obviously already watched the Kanye West short film Runaway. You haven't?
Please watch the video before continuing with this blog.

It is the pure definition of beautiful. Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful short film.
I never thought I would say this, but it could that Michael Jackson never left. He now just happens to live in Kanye West. Yes, the music is different, so are the music videos. But the ideas are the same.

Kanye West has successfully defined the Art of Video.

I think that's it for this Blog Post ...

I really don't know how to convince you that this will be the Video of The Decade and the most anticipated album of the year.
Yes I said that Drake's Thank Me Later album would be a big one. But I changed my mind.
I don't think Kanye West knows what he has gotten himself into. I believe that he is setting himself up to be the Greatest Artist of the Decade. Yes this decade has just began. Does he have the Power to remain on top? I guess we'll see.

The Runaway short film features nine songs from the appropriately named album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Not only does it feature beautiful music but beautiful clothes and women. Selita Ebanks is the leading lady of the music video.

I'm really glad that women are represented as beautiful in this music video. In other hip-hop music video's women are represented as un-attractive objects. The beauty of women even almost seems to be the subject of this music video. The ballerinas in the black are just amazing looking and their dance is impeccable.

Have we seen the last of the generic I'm-in-the-club-with-hoodrats-music-video's? I think not. I think that most hip-hop stars are going to be too scared to try and compete with the standard of this music video. Not only hip-hop stars for that matter, all entertainment artists.
Kanye West has put himself on a very high pedestal. I think it's along time before we see him fall. I'm glad he is back.

I thought we put artistic intellect in the grave with Michael Jackson. I guess Kanye West went to dig it out.

"Baby, I got a plan
Run away fast as you can"


Black Copper said...

Well said Miss Z, what a breath of fresh air. I'ts good to see the standards of hip hop evolving into such vintage culture, the cinamatography for this was amazing. I'd really like to know what your view is on the concept of the actual video, because i thought it bleeds with meaning. Basically my interpretation of it was pretty simple that the phoenix (Selita Banks) is a metaphor for a life lived without the education that man have poisened us with in terms of how we see things, our social conditioning, she has no concept of... being civilised therefore she's marginalized by society e.g the white dinner scene whereby everyone is looking at her in a funny way. she represents a purity that man cannot handle and Kanye is trying to reach out with his music through this truthful innocence, and thats why he loves the girl so much and won't let her go. the central theme is Runaway, which is an escape from the mundane and superficial chains of society. well thats my take. I think Kanye is really smart conceptually with he's art form. I think it was Nas who said Hip hop is dead, mmmm....maby not.

Tebogo Leshabane

Zovuyo Mputa said...

"Your girlfriend is really beautiful"
"Do you know she's a bird"

I didn't write what I thought of the concept because I prefer other people telling me their opinions.

I would rather be a beautiful than a duplicate in a white suit. Could it be that Kanye West is this bird who just wants to 'Runaway' from this superficial society that has no individuals?

Zuko Gingcana said...

Kanye has more up his sleeve more than any artist in the Industry, i rate he will build his momentum as a Musician and not as a rap artist.

"My beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy" is this the end to his first phase of his depression coz he still has a lot that he's bottled up inside!...think bout it...its more than Art itself!


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