Tuesday, 14 December 2010

5000 Profile Views - General Blog Update

So my blog has reached 5000 blog views. Joy To The World. So to celebrate I have decide to recap on certain blogs that I have written.

What's In A Headband Update

The first blog I ever wrote was What's In A Head Band. I'm not sure if it's with great sadness or joy that I deliver the following news. My headband collection has diminished. I really don't know where they have all gone to. I'm actually looking at the photo now and I think I only have four of the headbands.

But is the day of the headband ending? I think so. Hats are the new headband. Because the gypsy-hippy era is ending so is the life of the headband. Everyone is into that cool girl/guy New York-London look and that requires cool headgear.
Hats have always been in style but I think 2010 has seen more and more people wearing hats.
Oh and by the way, when I say hat I don't mean cap.

Jamiroquai: The President of The Cool Hat Club

I was never a hat girl. I always a headband/alice band girl. However times change and I'm loving the idea of becoming a hat girl. But obviously my hats can't look like everyone else's hats. I only have 3 hats in my hat collection. I'm lying, I have 4.

The black hat was my father's hat for a day then it become mine.
The Cloche hat (The straw hat with the flower) is my most recent buy. I would tell you where I bought it from but I'm not fond of everyone wearing the same things as me.
The White Fedora. Can't remember where I got that from. Somewhere in the Waterfront though. I've had it the longest. My brother has tried to take it from me numerous times.

The Black Fedora was stolen from my father.

For me hats serve the same purpose as headbands. It is decoration for your head that expresses your mood and personality at the same time.

Alex Lubomirski Update

In June I wrote a blog on photographer Alex Lubomirski. After I wrote that blog Alex and I become best of friends. No really. We did. I emailed him. He emailed me. He told me his whole life story and the happenings in his life.

Okay, no one believes me. But I'm telling you to believe me. He's my bestie.

Marie Claire - November 2010 Update

Remember that letter that was in the Marie Claire magazine? Well they didn't leave me empty handed. I received an Essie Nail Hamper. If you know me well you know that I love doing my nails. And according to my sister, Thozama, the longer the nails, the more dramatic the girl. Well at least my long nails will be nicely decorated. Does that mean the drama will look prettier?
I think the next time I'll buy nailpolish is next year and it can only be Essie.

If it's not Essie, It's Messy

Simon Deporres | Sold Out Sundays 2.0 Update

Apparently the sale went well. But I wouldn't know. Why? I was studying for exams in Pretoria. Oh! Well.

Here are some photographs from the event taken byAnelisa Mangcu.
The Creative Minds behind Simon Deporres.

The Sims 3 Our Reality Update

So after I wrote this blog I obviously played Sims. That's all I do with my days. I was really excited. After the blog I had changed my game plan and told myself that it's fine if the wife earns more than the husband. I load the game and BANG! it's gone. I have to start from the beginning. Not the middle the beginning. Everything had to be done from scratch. Maybe it was a sign?
So I decided to create a new family. Husband, Wife and crazy sister of the husband. I don't understand why I made the sister because she has to go to a mental home. A Shutter Island mental home. Did I mention she's a gold digger.

Personal Update

When I started this blog I actually didn't even know what it was going to be about. I was just taking a chance with that headband blog. Most people would think this is a fashion blog but I don't think it is only a fashion blog. I really think it's more like a magazine. You know how a magazine (well only certain magazines) have several articles on different things; well I think that's how my blog is. Who knows, I might just realise a magazine.

Thanks to all who have ever read my blog. I say this all the time but I truly mean it: If I didn't have people reading my blog I wouldn't have a blog. Yes it's a personal outlet but there is so much I want to share with the world. Also thanks to Thozama Mputa who adds her input in each blog. She asked that I give her a special mention: Jamiroquai is her best friend so technically I know him through her and that's how I got that photo of him

Keep reading and I shall keep writing. Don't forget your seatbelt when you drive and don't drink and drive.
Happy Holidays to all!


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