Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Sims 3 and Our Reality

It's December holidays once again in South Africa. Think World Cup but a lot more money and the whole of South Africa is on holiday. That means everyone is trying to drink and eat as much as they can because they are making up for lost time.
Let me not even lie, I probably will get obese during these holidays and blind because the only thing I'll do is play Sims and eat.
5 years ago I never thought I would be that computer nerd who spends her time playing PC games instead of socially interacting with those around her.

So every holiday I create a new family. This is the greatest part of The Sims 3. But I get highly carried away with this. I remember a friend of mine, Naledi, and I actually wanted to be plastic surgeons because of Sims. I spend maybe 30 minutes on each sim perfectly reconstructing their face.

What I used to do and I will honestly admit to doing this. I would make a sim so very unattractive then with my magic plastic surgery skills that I learnt on Extreme Makeover, I fix them up as if its magic and then pretend as if they are about to be revealed to their families for the first time.

After the plastic surgery I do hair and make-up. Now this is the time of my life. First I start off by imitating all Rihanna hairstyles then I give them the perfect hair that suits their personality. Then its off to the clothes ... I think 90% of the time spent in Create a Sim is spent on clothes. I feel like I'm shopping for myself and with Sims 3 you can create your own fabrics. 'Create your own fabrics'. If you are reading my blog now you most probably think I have a problem. Maybe I do but that won't stop me from creating my own fabrics. You can practically start a fashion empire in Sims 3.
Once all the clothes are done you have to choose personality traits. Now I make all my Sims with certain personalities in mind.

This holiday I created two girls who were roommates. Sophie and Cynthia - Please don't ask me why I chose these names because I actually don't even know.

There was so much fiction in this household. It was actually very bad. They shared a two bedroom house. Very nice. No TV which I think was the biggest problem of all.

If it's one thing that these girls taught me it's that everyone's life has the potential of being exactly the same, unless you plan to change it.

Here is the Story of these girls and how it compares to reality.

The Z! True Sims Story : Sophie and Cynthia -
(read it with a 'E! True Hollywood Story' ring to it)

Cynthia and Sophie, two roomates move into their 2 bedroom 'house'.
Sophie wants a career in journalism so she immediately gets herself a job the next day while Cynthia wants to collect fish so she goes to visit the various fishing spots. They also take a trip to the local park to meet new people. It is there where Cynthia meets Boyd.

This is where Sophie and Cynthia reside. There have been numerous fights in the bathroom.

Days go by and Sophie quickly gets promoted at her job while Cynthia begins her fish collection. Not only does she begin a collection but she also begins a romantic affair with Boyd.

Now Boyd has been calling her for a while and it's only when Boyd is at her house does she find out that Boyd is actually married and has an adult child. He is also very respected and well known in the Community's Science Department. So is the wife.

Their lives all carry on and Sophie develops an interest for her boss, Connor. It took a while for them to become friends but eventually they became good friends. Sophie is also climbing the Journalism ladder and gets top positions at her firm.

While I'm watching my sims continue with their life I come to the realisation that Sophie and Cynthia aren't friends at all even though they live in the same house. So I make it my duty to make sure they become friends. I fail at this task. They just fight all the time! Sophie always starts conversations with her but she always interrupts. Why? Because her married boyfriend is calling her.

Life carries on and eventually Sophie asks Connor for his hand in marriage. They get married and Cynthia throws a little bit of a scene at the party and so does her married boyfriend.

This is Sophie and Connor's wedding. Cynthia is in the black dress in the background. I made her get rid of her avaitors and got her longer hair. Also changed her emo Taylor Momsen looking make-up.

Now Sophie and Connor are living in Married Bliss. It was once Connor and Sophie were married did I realise how sad life after the wedding is.

The Comparison between Sims and Reality

Once Connor and Sophie were married they moved out of the house they shared with Cynthia. Life honestly became so bland. They worked at the same office but Sophie was higher up in the journalism ladder than Connor. Connor doesn't even want to climb the corporate ladder, he just wants to write books at home. But in my society driven mind he can't do that. He has to receive an income so he can support his family. So he writes novels and articles when he returns from work. He also is a loner which means he wants alone time so even if he doesn't talk to Sophie its alright.

Sophie on the other hand is climbing the journalism ladder and has morphed into a wife. I even changed her hair. She has colour-less mom hair.
They don't speak to each other. Only when eating dinner and that's even rare.

Playing this game made me realise how we can let society change the way we live our lifestyle.

Before they were married it was fine that Connor made less money.
It was also fine that Sophie proposed to Connor, planned and paid for the whole wedding.

Once people get married is there an automatic switch that goes on called Conform to Society? Maybe there is. If there is, I'm going to make sure it doesn't go on.

I would think gone are the days of conforming to society but here my made-up simulation family is conforming to society.
Sophie cooks and cleans every single day while Connor writes novels. They are both now asking me for children.

We all have the potential to become the picket fence family. We just have to make sure we don't let society infiltrate our thinking process.
I thought Sophie and Connor would be different.

Society has the power to change your mind.
This is not a problem as long as you know you have the power to change society's mind.


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