Wednesday, 19 January 2011

68th Annual Golden Globes Fashion

Nude, Pink, Orange, Green and Black were the colours of the night. If your dress wasn't shining or shimmering you obviously did not get the memo because shine was the order of the night. It seemed as if the dresses were glazed in glitter. Many of the dresses were pencil dresses with slits. I think slits will make an appearance at many award shows to come. All in all the majority of the females looked flawless with nude make-up.
I think it's a decade of minimalism and natural beauty. With all that said let me give you a list of the Yes, No and Maybe dresses. Let's start with maybe.

Number Seven: Halle BerryIt could of been better. This is just typical Halle Berry Boring Black. I understand she might have tried to look sexy but it just didn't work. Maybe next time Halle.

Number Six: Catherine Zeta-JonesI do like this dress, I just think it could of been less dramatic. She is wearing the colour of the night, green. I understand what she was trying to do but it just didn't get there. But she does look amazing.

Number Five: Olivia WildeA little too much for the Golden Globes however it would look tacky at the Academy Awards. It's an either-or for me. I'm not loving the shoes. They could come from the set of Jerseylicious.

Number Four: Lea MicheleI love the colour but there's just too much going on. I think this would of been better if it was a pencil dress and maybe even a different fabric.

Number Three: Megan FoxVery nice colour as well. Megan just needs a little more meat on her bones. I don't like the positioning of the slit. It was more to either the left or right it would of been better and also if it was not as high as it was. In the photo the slit looks as if it's to the left when it's actually right in the middle.

Number Two: Scarlett JohanssonThe dress itself is very nice. However make it a different colour and minus the wings and it would of suited Scarlett even better. It would of looked nice on a darker girl.

Number One: Natalie PortmanThis dress was actually very nice however ... I don't understand why there is a protruding rose. I think the rose spoiled it. The rose also conflicts with the necklace. But the red and pink does look nice together.


Number Seven: Claire DanesIt's beautifully simple and the colour is beautiful. You can tell its a Calvin Klein because of its minimalism. Very nice Claire.

Number Six: Milla JovovichI loved the simple detailing on this dress. She looked amazing on screen in the dress and I'm glad it's not pink, nude or orange.

Number Five: Amber RileyThis is a clear example of the shine I was talking about earlier. She looks flawless in this one shoulder and the colour or shine doesn't overwhelm her. Well done Amber.

Number Four: Emma StoneAlso in a Calvin Klein dress she looks very simple and elegant in this orange dress. I don't think anyone else would of been able to pull of this dress. It's her height and body that make it all work.

Number Three: Angelina JolieAnother shine-er. I'm glad she isn't wearing black or black leather. The green brings out her eyes and it's nice to see her taking a risk.

Number Two: Dianna AgronShe is already beautiful and this romantic gown just adds to that beauty. Even though the dress blends in with her skin in the photo on camera it looked much better on her skin. And her make-up was very nice. She was an illustration of this minimalist natural beauty look that's emerging.

Number One: SofĂ­a VergaraI loved this dress. It might of looked like a Matric Dance dress but the reason why I loved it is because it fits her so well and she was so comfortable in it. It seems as if this dress was tailor made for her because it would of flopped on someone else. It wasn't the typical Golden Globes dress but maybe that's why it was so amazing.


Number Seven: Jennifer LopezI don't like the idea of wearing a white dress to a formal occassion. What colour would you ever wear to your wedding? I don't know why she has a reverse veil on as a cape. It's just not working. Maybe if it were a different colour it could work ... and definitely remove the cape. Big White Riding Hood.

Number Six: January JonesMatric Dance Dress gone wrong. Too much cleavage. It could be a curtain holder if you cut it up right. Sorry January. For what it's worth, the colour looks nice on her.

Number Five: Tilda SwintonI highly doubt she has every made the Best Dressed List and would ever make my YES list. It's a work outfit gone wrong but it's better than the black bag she once wore to the Oscars.

Number Four: Helena Bonham CarterTechnically I can't put her on the NO list because this is how she dresses all the time. It's her style. She even dresses like this in movies. However this just doesn't work.

Number Three: Gabourey Sidibe
I don't know what's happening here Gabi. She looked amazing last year at all award shows but this is just not working out. She is following the shine trend but the crayon-coloured dress doesn't flatter her at all.

Number Two: Heidi KlumIt's either Baby Seal had an accident with his chocolate-vanilla-strawberry flavoured ice-cream or this was Baby Seal's pre-school project. It's not working and it won't work.

Number One: Michelle WilliamsThe daisies looked as if they were stuck on with pritt. I would rather not speak about this dress.
I can't wait for another award show. Hopefully we will see different trends.

Minimalism, Shine and Slits are what we can look forward to at 2011 Red Carpets.


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