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The Best of 2010

We can all agree that 2010 was the year to be elated. It was the first year for me were the highs were incredible high and the lows weren't low at all.
This blog focuses on what 2010 was. The Good, The Bad and The Vuvuzela.


2010 saw the resurrection of Hip Hop. The rise of Hip Hop started with a man by the name of Aubrey Graham aka Drake. I rank Thank Me Later as the one of the best albums released in 2010.

This year Drake was a superstar who crossed over so many genres and convinced so many people of different target markets that he is a legend in the making.

Unfortunately Drake's mega success was overshadowed by the even greater mega success of Kanye West.

It's come to the point were you only need to mention the name Kanye West and people already know you speak of greatness.

While thinking of Drake and Kanye West's success I have come to the realisation that it wasn't the resurrection of Hip Hop. It was the birth of a new form of Hip Hop. I don't know what to call this new version. But it reminds me of Art Films that are only show at Cinema Nouveau. It's that Acadmeny Award Winning Art Film Hip Hop. Soon I'll come up with a term.

It wasn't only a year for males. Rihanna owned 2010. The song Rudeboy was almost a form of empowerment for women and males actually didn't like the song. They found it offensive. It just proves how they are so insecure. When they sing their offensive songs about women we aren't crying at parties are we? Or is it because women accept it? (That's another blog post). Anyway Rhi-Rhi dominated the charts this year right until the end. The song Only Girl was the soundtrack for all women looking for attention from men and all women who like to have a good time when they go out (please not these are two distinct groups). But Rihanna wasn't the only female great of this year.

Nicki Minaj made an appearance. However there isn't all that much originality with Nicki Minaj. It's like someone put Lil' Kim, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Cher in a blender then BANG! out came Nicki Minaj. However Nicki Minaj has become an icon for females all around (not sure why). Well at least the females who are my friends on Facebook.

She reminds me of Lil' Wayne. She just features on every track but her own tracks ... not so great.

This was also Usher's year. Who can forget the songs OMG and There Goes My Baby. In terms of RnB I think he ruled this year.
It wasn't only Kanye West's comeback year. Kelis made a come back this year with the songs Acapella and 4th of July.

Eminem also made a major comeback and I believe that he actually was the best Hip Hop/Rapper of the year. Yes it was Kanye West's year but he's year only started after August which is more than halfway into the year. Eminem was consistent throughtout the whole year. Even Drake couldn't keep up with him. Drake only had his shine in about April, May, June and July. But which artist created better music? You be the judge of that.

2010 was also the year for South African music. Locnville: the fall of the South African female. These two twins took over South Africa and they still have it with them now. They crazy dance/pop genre sounds the complete opposite of that generic South African music sound. I honestly thought it was an american band at first. Little did I know it was two Cape Town twins. They brilliance is soon to be felt all over the world. They are the superstars South Africa has been longing for. I never thought we would ever create singers who could represent us around the world. And yes, there have been singers who have represented however they have all been the default 'african' singers. Yes South Africa is in Africa, hence the name but we have so many different cultures and the Locnville genre is a representation of the forever growing Cape-Town-Cool-Guy sub culture.

It wasn't only two South African males clearing the waves, The Arrows are two females who have changed the game.

Their song Lovesick is one of my favourites of 2010.

I heard it on 5fm and I tried so desperately to catch the lyrics so I could Google them. I didn't catch them because I was so busy enjoying the song. I thought they were these cool girls from London. Then I saw the music video and I was like wait a minute. Why does this look South African? It was and it was The Arrows. They are brilliant and I can't wait for what else is to come from them. Die Antword, Parlatones and Jack Parrow where also very big this year.
This part of the blog wouldn't be complete without mentioning Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.
Let's start with Lady Gaga. I think 2009 was more her year than 2010 however 2010 was the year were she got all her recognition. That meat dress was a story on its own but no one can deny that they loved Telephone, the duet with Beyonce. We all waited for the music video in anticipation and once it came out YouTube was our friend. It definetly wasn't the type of music video I had in mind but go Gaga!

Now let's talk about this new fever that hit many people, male and female around the world. Never have we seen an epidemic like this since Swine Flu. Bieber Fever was the most contagious fever. I even caught it. Yes! I caught it. I can't help but sing along to 'Somebody To Love'. 'Baby' however isn't a sing-a-long for me.

Wait! Willow Smith. OMG! I'll put this part of the blog in one sentence. Willow, go to school and no those lyrics aren't innocent.

Did I forget to mention that Ciara's music video Ride was the most talked about music video of the year, besides Runaway of course. I remember before the music video everyone thought Ciara was non-female ... the music video has proven that she is female.

A year review on music is not complete without a countdown of the most popular music of the year. I would have done the best music of 2010 however I haven't listened to enough good music in order to compile a list. All that MTV-Radio music isn't necessarily good music. So I'll compile a list of the most popular music rather.

The Soundtrack to 2010 - The 25 Most Popular Songs in 2010

  1. Unthinkable - Alicia Keys feat. Drake
  2. Empire State Of Mind - Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys
  3. Rudeboy - Rihanna
  4. Billionaire - Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars
  5. Find Your Love - Drake
  6. Love You Better - Crazy White Boy
  7. Airplanes Part II - B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams and Eminem
  8. Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
  9. Only Girl In The World - Rihanna
  10. Telephone - Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce
  11. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
  12. Over - Drake
  13. Love The Way You Lie - Eminem feat. Rihanna
  14. Umlilo - Big Nuz
  15. Firefiles - Owl City
  16. Dynamite - Taio Cruz
  17. Club Can't Even Handle Me - Flo Rida feat. David Guetta
  18. Not Afraid - Eminem
  19. 4th of July - Kelis
  20. There Goes My Baby - Usher
  21. Say Aah - Trey Songz feat. Fabulous
  22. Fancy - Drake feat. T.I. and Swizz Beatz
  23. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding
  24. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
  25. OMG - Usher feat. Will.i.am
Don't agree? Then give me a better list.


This is not the time to express my undying love for fashion. Instead let's speak about the biggest fashion trends of 2010. It was the year to be different. It was a Lady Gaga-Rihanna fashion inspired year. But those who didn't want to take a risk kept it ultra stylish.

Fashion Trends in 2010

Boyfriend Blazer

Boyfriend blazers were staples. They were worn in summer, winter, autum, spring. The standard colour was black. Thanks to Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga shoulder pads made a comeback but not everyone could rock this look and there is a very good chance that your Mr. Price blazer tried to pull it off but it didn't quite get there.

Boyfriend blazers were worn with everything, shorts, dresses, skirts, high heels, sandals ... you name it. Could it become a staple in the wardrobe like your white shirts and blue jeans? Not really sure but it was the 2010 staple.


We threw away our pumps and said hello to tennis shoes. (At my junior school these shoes were called tennis shoes. Not sure what the rest of the world calls them). Males and females had a pair and it wasn't only the senior citizens of the world who owned them. They were paired with basically anything. If you are Kristen Stewart you could even pair them with an expensive couture gown. I love them. They are extremely comfortable, but not when you are doing a parking lesson in the heat.

Sky High Heels - Platform Heels

If your high heels weren't sky high, why would you wear them? The higher the better. With this whole global warming, sustainable living fiasco we have come to live more comfortable lives. Well at least thats what we think. So obviously high heels have to be more comfortable and that's why we have platforms and sky high heels (I came up with the name sky high). Yes the chances of falling are greater but let's look at the positives.

    They ...
  1. ... make you appear taller.
  2. ... are sexier
  3. ... make you appear taller.
  4. ... are much more comfortable
  5. ... much more attractive than low or mid heels
I would like to think the days of low or mid heels are over but because some of us choose to live in different decades this could never be true.

Red Lips

The new generation isn't into lipsticks. That's so mother-ish. However once red was the look we had to become mother-ish. I don't think red 'lip-stuff' exists. Red was the colour of 2010. And I'm really glad that people bought the red that suited them. Obviously you have the people who make themselves believe that the generic red will suit them. I'm still to find my red. However that means no more eye make-up. Well a little mascara wouldn't hurt.

Nude Lips

So if you didn't do the red lip you did the nude lip. A nude lip means that you can go crazy with the eyes. However black or dark eye make-up didn't make much of a scene in 2010. There was this neutral/natural revival so nude lips definetly suited those who do not like attention.

Kitten Heels

To put it lightly, this trend disturbs me. It was only seen on runways around the world however I do not wish to see it in the street. Kitten heels were supposed to be burnt in 2006. I do not understand why we need to make women wear such unappealing shoes. I really can't think of any in pros in wearing kitten heels. We might as well just put bubblegum at the bottom of all our shoes and then we will all have kitten heels.

Marc Jacobs, these shoes need to be banned. (They were seen at one of his fashion shows).


I don't have a pair of Oxfords. Even though I love them I could never get the ALDO ones because I had to pay for school stationery and driving schools so I had to sacrafice. And there was no way I was gonna buy R30 Oxfords. Why would I do that? So I can get blisters ... please. So one day I got ready to buy them ... but I missed the boat. ALDO didn't have them anymore. Oh! well. It was obviously one trend that I wasn't part of. I now actually prefer not to be part of it.

EVERYONE had Oxfords. And to be completely honest with you ... I can't always wear whatever one else always wears. That's why mom doesn't walk into Mr. Price. But this was a brilliant trend. However all girls with Oxfords wore them the same as the girl next her with Oxfords. This trend just wasn't for me. I can't do that preppy school look. I liked my school uniform but that doesn't mean I need to repeat it.

Over The Knee Boots

So I also didn't have over the knee the boots. They would be over the waist boots for me. However they were to beautiful. I was jealous of all those who wore them. But those cheap imitation ones weren't my type. I could tell they were from a standard 'retail' shop. If you are gonna get make sure they don't look cheap. I don't believe in spending your salary on luxury items and then not having any bread or milk. Just because it was inexpensive doesn't mean they look cheap. The colour black never killed anyone ... okay it killed many people but I'm not talking about the race. Just please don't do white boots (the artistic colour, not race) it's just not classy at all

Pattern Mixing

Why wear check with a solid colour when you can wear it with stripes. It was the year of grunge fashion and mixing different patterns just added to that theme. I wear indian prints with stripes and it looks very good. There is no time to be conservative in this new decade. Let's take a risk and dare to be different.


I'm not a scarf-er (someone who wears scarves). However if you didn't have a scarf you most probably froze. Global warming is upon us. Winters are a lot colder (I think that has something to do with global warming). Even summer scarves were a big trend this year. Solid or patterned it didn't matter. A scarf definitely was a staple for 2010.

Street Wear

We don't look to runways for inspiration anymore. With the rise of fashion blogs we look to each other for fashion inspiration and the greatest inspiration can be found on the very streets we walk on. Cape Town streets have the greatest fashion trends because it's so much easier to be yourself in Cape Town. You might walk out the house thinking you look absolutetly wack but trust me, that wack look will make it onto a blog and it everyone else's wardrobe.

People Who Made 2010 - The Most Popular People

Chilean Miners

The whole world stopped and awaited for the miners to be released. I just remember reading on my TIME Mobile application that there was a mine accident. However there are always accidents so I didn't really care much. Then I heard that they will only be released after 3 months and I realised that the situation was dire. That's also when I decided to take note.

When I heard that the miners were finally going to be released it was like someone told me Nelson Mandela was being released from jail. All of a sudden when I saw people with blonde barbie doll weaves I didn't mind because maybe they were wearing them because the miners were going to be released.

It was when the first miner was released did I realise that happiness is the key to life.

You could have as much money as you want but if the people who make you the happiest are taken away from you, your days will be dark and you will be stuck in your own underground mine.

Kanye West

I have written numerous blogs about Kanye West and he has been mentioned in this blog as well. If you still can't realise that he is the new innovator of music you'll have to read my blogs about him.

James Franco

He is the face of the new American Actor. Even though he wasn't a great force this year he is slowly seeping through the industry and even though many people might not notice his arrival we will definitely notice when he accepts his Academy Award.

John Mayer

He was known in 2010 more for his playboy antics than his music even though his music is brilliant. Mayer could slowly take over the Playboy Mansion with his playboy bunnies consisting of Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston. Apparently he wanted Eva Longoria to also make an apperance.

Besides his playboy bunnies, Mayer has also been a bad boy this year. However the music always over shadows his personal life.

Julius Malema

"You blady agent". This year review would not be complete without mentioning South Africa's favourite, Juju. He was the source of entertainment on everyday news.

Yes, maybe some of his ideas were needed, however there was no need for the way he executed them. But everyone always needs a little Juju in their life. Haha, as I'm writing this they mention him on the radio news.

Justin Bieber

He 'just needs somebody to love' and he found more than enough girls to love. He might not of been the first to have a female cult following however he was the first male pop star to have a signature hairstyle.

However how long will Bieber Fever last? I have already recovered from it

Levi Johnston

What's better than Sarah Palin? The father of her grandchild. Johnston was a force to be reckoned with in that family. He left Bristol got a new girlfriend and tried out for a reality show.

They should of auditioned for 16 and Pregnant because this is what this fiasco sounds like.

Mr. Visagie

How many representatives have house songs produced after them? Mr. Visage has one. 'Mr. Visage ... ting ting ting'. His dramatic act on etv News was one for the ages. You've got to love South African News.

Eugene Terreblanche

Wow! Where do I start with this story. The death of Eugene was most definetly a controversial one. But it wasn't a time to dwell on his past actions. A public figure had died and we might have not all shared the same views as him but this was someone's father. A percentage of the country mourned his death but I would love to be in the court room when the trials occur.

It's a CSI case I would love to be part of.

RIP Eugene Terreblanche.


In 2010 she was the only girl in the world. We saw her go from an EMO-I-hate-Chris-Brown Stage to a flower power loving girl. She is slowly but surely dominating the female pop scene. 2010 was her year. Her hairstyle was the default-weave in South Africa and it's highly impossible that someone can come take her off her high horse.

Mark Zuckerberg

I'm not really sure why most of Mark's fame came this year. Could it be that the movie, The Social Network upped his game? Whatever it was, it was this year that Mark got recognised and received much needed recognition. Maybe 2010 was the year when we all realised that we owe much thanks to the guy who connects the world

Movies in 2010

Movies weren't really big in 2010. I can count the number of movies I watched this year. My favourite being Inception.
Yes I might have not known what was always going on but at least I caught the gist of it. Everything about the film from its characters to its cinematography was excellent. You could tell it was a Christopher Nolan film.
Leondardo also did his bit for the movie. He however played the same character he always plays in each movie. He cried, went crazy and was very powerful. 10 out of 10 for inception.

Another one of my favourites was Robin Hood.
When I went to go watch it there were maybe 5 of us in the cinema. That didn't matter because the film was so captivating (once you understood it). It was almost like Gladiator round 2. Russel Crowe played the part brilliantly and it definetly was an action film all would enjoy.

The Social Network was also a good movie this year. Even though I already knew most of the story I still found it very enjoyable. It also gave me hope that one day my computer science and multimedia modules could actually help me change the way the world thinks and views itself. If you did not watch the film it would be difficult for you to appreciate the beauty of Facebook. It might of given Mark a bad rep but that didn't stop him from being TIME's person of the year.

2010 Headlines

One of the biggest stories in 2010 was the BP Oil Spill. Every single day we would see sea life suffocated in oil. Whoever said we need oil anyway. The oil spill was just a reminder at how the human race is about to fail us.
The volcano in Iceland was also a big story. Could it be that 2012 really is upon us? My mother said that Jesus was coming along with those clouds. I don't know if we can blame it on global warming or just mother nature, however it seems as if nature isn't happy with the progress we as humans have made.
Speaking about mother nature, how could we forget about Haiti. We've seen a tsunami and hurricane Katrina but for some reason this was worse. A year later and it still seems as if they are living in its aftermath. I think one of the reasons the people were so affected by the earthquake is because they already didn't have much and now the little they had has been taken away. Unlike Thailand and New Orleans, Haiti is not a tourist attraction so any hope of them recoverying quickly has been literally shattered.
Hopefully we will soon realise that mother nature doesn't play games. She is being serious. 2011 is the year were we should take care of what has been given to us.

On a meatier note. Lady Gaga decided to wear a meat dress to an award show. I'm still not sure what the inspiration was behind this but I'm sure there is an explanation.

Then Eugene passed away and we all thought that the World Cup will not carry on. Many foreigners were being told not to come to South Africa. The foreigners who did come could not believe that they were being told not to come.
The 2010 FIFA World Cup should be recorded as the most successful World Cup ever. Everyone owned a vuvuzela. Even the toys from Toy Story owned a Vuvuzela. Let's give South Africa a round of applause for its brilliance. Well Done! And congratulations to Spain and the South African team.
Then unfortunately, a British man had to come and ruin the image of South Africa. Dewani had to come and get his wife killed here. Did he forget that no one kills people here anymore. The amount of anger I felt when he did that. OMG! With Bheki Cele in charge he won't get away wit the murder. I have faith in the new South Africa.

2010 was definitely a success for South Africa and myself as a matter of fact. I hope that this decade will be an equally successful decade for all South Africans. I think Africa's time to shine has arrived.

If 2010 wasn't your year ... repeat the same sentence you said at the beginning of 2010 and make 2011 your year.


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