Monday, 17 January 2011

Big in 2011

Let's quickly have a conversation about the people who have the potential to make it big in 2011.

I think 2011 is another music year but also a film year. The films being nominated for awards this year are a lot better than last year and they aren't films which only Academy Award Winning audiences will want to watch.
Actor, Andrew Garfield will be on everyone's lips this year. The new Spiderman has received much need recognition for his role in The Social Network.The cast of The Social Network is the new group of to-watch actors. Jesse Eisenberg also did very well for himself in the film and could it be that Armie Hammer is the new Brad Pitt. I guess only time will tell.
It's also a big year for Natalie Portman. Will she take home Oscar gold? I think the chances are very high.
Older actors such as Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg also have a chance for recognition because of their film The Fighter. They both are high contenders for Academy Awards but what about Colin Firth? Does he stand a chance? I guess this will be a tight Award Season.

I don't pay much attention to models but one girl who is here to take over is Georgia Jagger. She has that quirky look about her and she could do almost anything. I see many Vogue and Vanity Fair covers. Guess it pays to have Mick Jagger as your dad.
Also big in the modeling industry will be Nargis Musawwir. She already had a successful year in 2010 but I think her star will shine even brighter this year.If you have not seen her yet in magazines, you obviously haven't been reading the right magazines. It's definitely her unique exotic looks that gets her all the jobs. Goodluck to her and she has the potential to be an internationally acclaimed model. Chanel Iman, watch out.

Before we speak about 2011 fashion trends let us focus our attention on other people. Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife to be is the Princess Diana for all people born in the 1980s and later. She already has immaculate taste however I fear that the Queen will make her live in terror. Finally incompetent celebrities won't be the only female icons we can look to for inspiration. I'm not asking her to imitate all the actions of the late Princess Diana but please don't be like another Duchess we know. Goodluck Katie!
My favourite new South African personality ... Bheki Cele. I'm scared of the police because Cele does not play games. He is here to take South Africa back and turn it into what it's supposed to be. The new year has just started and he already has discovered so many weapons and drugs. Cheers to a new South Africa.

Now let's speak 2011 fashion. Biege and White are the colours of the year ... Summer, Autum, Winter and Autum ... these colours can be worn the whole year. They were the staple of all fashion shows last year.
Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2011 Milan show featured mostly white garments.

Just make sure you where it properly. I don't want to feel like I'm attending your wedding.
From this show we can also see that 'Romantic' is in this year. Lots of lace and sparkles. It's time to be romantic so find yourself a lover. Even if its a shoe or a dress.
I think we also going to see a more biker look this year. Lots more leather and studs.
It's funny how this is a complete opposite to the romantic white and beige look. On one side of the scale we have romance and on the other side we a hard rock biker look. It seems that its a year of extreme opposites which means there's a trend for everyone.

So it seems as though its a year for new directions but if you aren't willing to go into that direction its also alright to stay on the safe side.

It's a year of new beginnings for me as well and I hope we all enjoy our last full year on planet earth. Looking at all the weather patterns 2012 is with us.

Goodluck and keep reading


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Thank you so much for the support. I really appreciate it. :)

Much love and big hugs,
Nargis Musawwir

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