Wednesday, 9 February 2011

17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Fashion

It's time to play another round of Yes, No, Maybe. This time we visit the 17th Annual SAG Awards.
Unlike the Golden Globes Fashion the yes, no and maybes were not equal this time. I found myself with more maybes this time. I think this is because the SAG awards are meant to be more casual however people still try to 'dress up' for them. So let's see who made which list.


Number Eleven: Helena Bonham CarterThis should be on the NO list, however she made an effort and does genuinely look nice. I love how she tried to work the two-tone dress trend however too much lace (which is a current trend).

Number Ten: Jayma MaysI see the vision but it didn't get there. The colour looks nice on her however I think the fabric drains her out. I absolutely love how her hair is styled and the overall look.

Number Nine: Tina FeyTina Fey used to appear on every worst dressed list for every award season. She finally got a stylist who knew what she/he was doing. This colour works amazingly on her skin and so does the cut of the dress. However there is too much lace and extras going on her. Yes having extra un-necessary fabric is a must this season but this dress didn't illustrate the trend well enough.

Number Eight: Hailee SeinfieldVery youthful however maybe a little too youthful. Its borderline costume. However she is young and she did look happy in it but this is not what I would like to see at a Red Carpet. Minus the mermaid tale and make it a pencil dress in a different fabric and we have a winner.

Number Seven: Kim KardashianI can see where she wanted to go but she didn't quite get there. This was a been there done that look for me. Especially for Kim Kardashian. One shoulder dress ... how original. However I do love the colour and I can see where she wanted to go with this look.

Number Six: Julianna Margulies
I love the simplicity however it's too simple. This is what girls wear to their matric dances and here you are wearing it to an award show. The colour looks amazing on her and she does look beautiful but just too simple for me.

Number Five: Jennifer LawrenceLove! Love! Love! This dress. She looked stunning on camera and equally amazing on screen. However! What is that black tie around her waist? That honestly is the only thing that killed this look. If the 'tie' was maybe a pastel pink in a different fabric we would have a winner.

Number Four: Angie HarmonAmazing dress, amazing hair, amazing make-up. So why is it in the maybe category. It's a little too much for the SAG Awards. These are supposed to be there more casual awards and it seems like she is attending the Oscars or her wedding. However good effort ... wrong event.

Number Three: Annette BenningFor her age she looks amazing. This is a dress we would see on a longer much younger women but because she can pull it off obviously means it works well. However it would of been better if it was in another colour. Maybe deep purple or navy. This colour washes her out.

Number Two: Mila Kunis
The first time I saw this dress I did not understand. However she was standing still. This is not a dress you wear when you are standing still. It will not work. The colour is amazing however I wish there was a lot less pattern.

Number One: Claire DanesI love the pink lips and the colour of this dress. However it wasn't great enough to make the Yes list. If it was a little more fitted I think we would of had a match. The colour is amazing on her.

Number Seven: Lea MicheleVery young and I love the glitter and sparkles. Shiny is in and it works for someone her age. It is also casual but formal enough for the SAG Awards.

Number Six: Julia StilesThis is how simplicity should be worn. This dress is an example of Less Is More with Edge. If the dress did not change colour it would be incredibly boring. Another example of the minimalist trend which is beginning to emerge.

Number Five: Natalie PortmanShowing her baby bump in the most elegant way possible. There is honestly nothing wrong with this look. She has some shine which makes the dress youthful.

Number Four: Sofia VergaraMy new favourite red carpet lady. She chose the right colour and cut. The dress has a subtle slit which is a big tend this year. There is nothing I like more than a well crafted dress. There isn't a dress of higher quality than this on this carpet.

Number Three: Jane KrakowskiAll pregnant women should look like this. I'm not a fan of visible baby bumps however her baby bump looks amazing. We also don't always see pregnant women wearing colours like silver. Maybe this is why it works so well. The jewels on the dress are amazing and her biggest accessory in this outfit is her baby bump. Lucky Baby

Number Two: Hilary SwankHas Hilary Swank ever looked bad? Don't think so. She isn't often seen in nude but it works perfectly on her skin and her hair colour complements the dress colour well.

Number One: Heather Morris
In the previous blog you will see that feathers and all things birds is the latest trend. Heather Morris works this trend beautifully with just the right amount of feathers. The colour works well on her, it doesn't wash her out at all. Job well done!

Number Eight: Jenna Fisher
This is what happens when you wear a dress that doesn't fit your body type. I love the colour on her but the fabric and style is definitely not working at all. I don't know how else this dress could of worked.

Number Seven: January Jones
I see the vision but the dress didn't. This piece belongs on the runway or art gallery. It just didn't work. The colours look nice on her but that is about it. I also do not like her hair.

Number Six: Susan SarandonI love Susan. I have too much love for her. But this dress is a little too casual for the SAG Awards. It even looks like a mom dress. I think if it was in a different fabric it would be a completely different dress.

Number Five: Eva Longoria
There was too much of the wrong skin showing in this dress. The colour looks nice however it's style isn't working. I understand the SAG Awards are casual but this wasn't enough. It is a Matric Dance Dress gone wrong. It even makes her look smaller.

Number Four: Christina Hendricks
Absolutely disastrous. She must wear bright colours. Red, yellow, orange. Not this black. No further comment.

Number Three: Kate Mara
I don't understand? Everyone can wear nude. However choose the right shade. Being camouflaged into your own skin isn't great. Besides the colour this dress is still disastrous. It's half mermaid half corset. It was not meant to be made. I'm not sure who else could wear this. She almost looks pixie like. Sorry.

Number Two: Winona RyderShe was brilliant in Black Swan. I don't know why she had to sell herself short with this dress. I do not always like white on the red carpet because it always looks like a wedding dress gone wrong. This is what we have here. There is no way to fix this.

Number One: Mellisa LeoShe will most probably win the Oscar for best performance as an actress in a supporting role. I hope when she wins she isn't wearing mermaid fabric. She is too mature for a dress like this. I like the colour but the fabric is a big no no.


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