Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cell C: Worst Customer Service

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Hello fellow bloggers
If you notice that I haven't written to you in a while it's because I have been unable to.
You see I have currently engaged in war. I plan to tarnish the reputation of a certain cell phone company. Why? Because this cellphone company has by far the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. My life isn't that long but I have bought many things and spoken to many people.

So I walk into a Cell C shop trying to get my connection fixed as I now live in an apartment block. They tell me it's working. Fine, even though I know as soon as I leave the shop it will not work. It's like the video store scam. You take in a video that didn't work on your VHS machine and they put in theres and then BANG! It works on theirs and you are supposed to look a fool. I refuse to look a fool in this case. Trevor Noah better get a new source of income.
So the next day I go back to this Cell C shop. It is the one in Hatfield Plaza, Pretoria. I'm not afraid to expose. I might even go back and get the name of the guy who 'helped' me. Do you want to know what he told me. You really want to know? He told me that I must sell my swoosh because Cell C won't give me my father's money back. When have you ever heard of such.

But let's not completely tarnish Cell C's image. This woosh worked completely fine in Cape Town. So could it be it's just Pretoria. Not at all. It worked wonders in Faerie Glen as well. I was so close to publishing my SAG Awards Fashion blog ... but guess what? I can't. Why? Because of the terrible customer service I've been receiving from this company.

It's so unfortunate how they could have such a great piece of technology however when it doesn't work you can't call them and ask them for help.

My advice: We all go to and tell them how bad it is. Then inform Trevor Noah to get a new job.

Besides my blogging how am I supposed to keep up with my academics. The reason why we got this woosh is so that we don't have to be running to the library in the middle of the night. It's the second day of lectures I have been trying to download my notes but I can't because of such a slow connection.

Whether it is my apartment block to blame or Cell C at the end of the day their customer service is the worst you'll ever receive. All I'm asking is for people to say they will try. Not to speak to you while they on the phone and tell you that your technology is useless. You are the useless one. The phone wasn't even a Blackberry so what whas he even doing. He couldn't be BBM-ing.

If there is another company reading this please do take note and make sure your customer service is not as weak as this company's.

You can have the greatest technology but if you can support the customer we forget about your technology.
I finally got a hold of Cell C by writing Trevor Noah an e-mail. But I'm publishing this blog via the IT labs at TUKS so you can decide whether or not I am a satisfied customer.


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