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83rd Annual Academy Awards Fashion

The most fashionable night in Hollywood has come and gone. This is the same night when women get inspiration for their wedding dresses, Matric dance dresses or just their wardrobe in general. So how did the dresses score in general. Not too bad. There are a lot more maybe's this time. With that being said let's look at the dresses. I must say, there is a lack in creativity. I don't want to see nude, shine and shimmer. Hollywood, give us some color!


Number Fourteen: Marisa Tomei The South African fashion label, Hip Hop, had a dress that looked highly similar to this one in 2008. Now this dress was worn at Matric Dances and South African Music Awards. You cannot be wearing that sort of a dress at The Academy Awards. Yes this dress might of been much more expensive, however it is not fitting of the Academy Awards. But yes it does look it very nice on her and the most important part is that she looks comfortable. 

Number Thirteen: Maria MenounousIf it wasn't velvet we would have a winner. If fits her small frame very nice and doesn't make her look any shorter than what she is. This velvet half works for me but well done for taking a risk. 

Number Twelve: Jacki WeaverThis dress is higly appropriate for a women of her age. However it feels a little Titanic-ky for me. She looks amazing in it but there's something that's off. Can't get my finger on it. 

Number Eleven: Helen MirrenNice cut, shape and colour however this fabric is just not working out at all. It is very stiff and makes it seem like she can't walk properly. The dress is very age appropriate but next time let's choose another fabric. 

Number Ten: Natalie PortmanThe only reason why this wasn't a no is because she is pregnant, very nice and won an Oscar. However ... this is not fitting for the Academy Awards. We are not going to a grand beach party. I love the colour on her but as a potential Oscar winner she should of arrived in a glam diva dress.

Number Nine: Reese WitherspoonReminds me of Julia Roberts' 2001 Oscar gown. This is a very elegant look and goes well with her hair as well. However, too simple Reese. Let's take a risk once in a while. 

Number Eight: Sandra BullockLike Hellen Mirren, the colour, shape and cut are beautiful ... but the fabric. There should be a fabric revolution in Hollywood. Once again too stiff. Also as a past Oscar winner she is supposed to be looking even more glamorous than this. Next time Sandra. 

Number Seven: Amy AdamsRemove the jewellery and change the neckline, we have a winner. It's too conservative. Let's live on the edge. But this colour is amazing. 

Number Six: Anne HathawayIf this dress was in a different colour it would be a disaster. Anne Hathaway at least knows that red works for her. Everything else is wrong but not a disaster. 

Number Five: Scarlett Johansen.This dress confuses me. I wan't to like it but I can't. This is not the type of glamour that she is known for. Yes, lace is the trend but only the colour works for her in this dress. 

Number Four: Jennifer LawrenceRed looks nice on her but this is too simple. I love how she didn't choose an extravagent diva dress because she isn't at that age yet. This works for her youth but this is too simple. 

Number Three: Mandy MooreShe looks nice, it's a nice dress but the fact that it blends in with her skin isn't all too great. I'm quite tired of the nude-and-shiny look. Nice try Mandy. 

Number Two: Cate BlanchettI believe that she is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. This dress shows off her grace and elegance but this is an art piece. I'm only supposed to see this on the runway. She still is beautiful. 

Number One: Mallika SherawatVery very nice dress. Lots of glam in the dress but there is too much skin showing for the Oscars. This is not the Grammy's where less is more. The Oscars aren't that extravagent. But she does look lovely. 


Number Six: Michelle WillamsA 360 degree turn from her Golden Globe disaster. It might be too simple for the Oscars but she looks amazing and that's all that counts. 

Number Five: Hailee SteinfieldShe is young and so is her dress. This is age appropriate and beautiful. 

Number Four: Hillary SwankWhen has Hillary Swank ever looked bad? This dress is a lot more young than all the other dresses she has ever worn but she still looks good.

  Number Three: Florence WelchAs a musician you should look like your music. Florence looks like her music here but her image has been altered to be in-line with the Academy Awards. She is playing with the lace trend and looks absolutely amazing in it. 

Number Two: Halle BerryHalle Berry has always loved nude and this is the best she has ever looked in nude. It's glam with that diva effect, my favourite effect. Amazing! Amazing! 

Number One: Mila KunisThis is what an Oscar dress looks like. Elegant, classic but still in-line with fashion trends. She looks absolutely amazing in this colour and most importantly very comfortable. Absolutely beautiful. 


Number Ten: Nicole KidmanShe used to be the woman everyone looked out for on the red carpet. Now no one is excited to see what she is wearing and I know why. This is an artistic disaster. Maybe it will work in a gallery or on the runway but not at the Academy Awards. 

Number Nine: Cheryl HinesSome girl will wear this to her Matric Dance or graduation. It's just too simple and just boring. Yes the fabric is shiny and exciting but that doesn't help this houseweife dress. 

Number Eight: Gwyenth PaltrowI miss the boring Gywneth. This is just too shiny and doesn't work well with her. If she was younger and had her hair tied up, maybe we would have a winner. 

Number Seven: Helena Bonham CarterThe Academy Awards are not a reason to time travel. Yes, this is her personality but some respect needs to be paid to the dress code. 

Number Six: Jennifer HudsonThe colour, fit and fabric ... the whole dress is wrong. Many black women think that bright fruit-orange looks good on them. I hope they are all looking at this disaster. The brighter definetly not the greater for dark women. Sorry Jen. 

Number Five: Celine DionOkay, the colour is nice but the fit and the shape and all of that together makes it a disaster. It reminds me of a slinky. 

Number Four: Mellissa LeoIf you know that you might win an award please keep your dress simple and classic. Don't try out failing trends. This will never work on anyone ever. 

Number Three: Lisa Marie FalconNo. There is no ocean at the Awards and we aren't auditioning mermaids. This is just wrong and inappropriate for her and the Oscars. 

Number Two: Susanne BierNo. No. The fabric is wrong and so is the colour and you can't be wearing a mom dress to the Oscars. I won't be surprised if she sleeps in this. 

Number One: Sunrise CoigneyDon't try this at home.


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I share with you my admiration for Halle Berry style, and I love that dress on her.

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