Thursday, 31 March 2011


December 2012 - Will the world really end? Well I guess we'll have to see next year.

I'm not a true believer in the 2012 myth. However recent events have lead me to believe that 2012 could spell the end.

In the film 2012, there are certain events that take place before the end of the world as the people in the movie knew it. After the great apocalypse and the rebirth of the world they locate to Cape Town, South Africa. Now I'm from Cape Town, does that mean I'm safe?

If we look at past events of the world you will come to see that all the harm bought to Africa is influenced by the greed of men.
We don't have natural disasters here in Africa. Those were unfortunately left for Asia, The Americas and Europe.
Who are these greedy men? Well shall we take a look at the recent protests in Africa? Or do you already know all about them because Anderson Cooper keeps you updated?

The protests are taking place because people have decided to take power into their own hands and because they want a better life for themselves. Are they preparing for a better life after the 2012 disaster? Could it be that Africa is gearing up to be the new America of the world?

I guess we'll have to wait ...

Other events that suggest an apocalypse are the recent earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and heavy snow falls.

A large part of the world is still recovering from natural disaster. And in the film 2012 a great natural disaster occured before the end. Are all of these disasters preparing us for something we can't even imagine?
Or is it maybe a sign to find a partner and get into an ark?

I guess we'll have to wait ...

The whole concept of 2012 is one big conspiracy and humans love conspiracies.

But what if this was the truth. What if the world was to end in December 2012? Would we regret all that we did to cause the end or would we just accept it because it was meant to be?
As far as I'm concerned, nature is a female and she is fed up with us polluting her land and this is her way of telling us who is in charge.

If the world were to end would we all be happy with the choices we made and the lives we chose to lead? I don't think we should be proud of the choices we've made.

When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan earlier this year people forgot about people. They decided to focus their concern of the economy. The economy? Thousands of people have lost their lives and even more people have lost their homes yet we decide to focus on money. I don't think we deserve to live this life we were given seeing as we are focused on paper that just turns the world crazy. Look at the African leaders who would not give up their dicatorships. Men and women are dying for their country's future but the only thing they can think about was the amount of money Obama was going to give for their oil.

I think it's about time the world started over. Maybe in this new world we will actually know what is important and what is useless.

Can we not live in a world were we care for humans and not paper.

I wouldn't mind if the world started from scratch. Maybe the second version of the world will be a much better version. I really hope that the 12th of December is the day that the world turns around for good.

I'm ready for Earth 2.0 ... are you?


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