Monday, 28 March 2011

My Stylist Job - Polyvore Looks Inspired by People

So I try Polyvore when I ever get the chance. As my Polyvore profile has evolved I have come to realise that most of my looks are inspired by movies and music. For examlple:

So for my new blog posting I decided to create looks inspired by the people I see (almost) every day, my friends. These looks illustrate how I interpret their style. But I do know that they would defininetly dress like this. I also used this to act as a stylist. It is my dream to style some of the women of this world. Not because they aren't following trends but because I can see that they are uncomfortable while they are trying to follow these trends. So let's say that this is my first try at being a stylist. My friend's opinion will be the judge of whether I have succeded at my new job

Name: Thozama Mputa
Age: 20
Style Inspiration:A very Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley inspired style.

Name: Marang Matlala
Age: 20
Style Inspiration:Very casual with hints from current trends and very significant African motifs.

Name: Lwazi Bengu
Age: 19
Style Inspiration: Anime
It's a mix of emo and lady-like

Name: Linda Ngcwangu
Age: 21
Style Inspiration: Gossip Girl

Old Hollywood


Name: Noko Ngoepe
Age: 20
Style Inspiration: Very girl and casual.


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