Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wonder Woman

The film Wonder Woman is being filmed as we speak. I am SO excited. Why? Because there is finally a female out to save the world.
Yes I like Spiderman, he's my favourite superhero. But he isn't female. I can't relate to him. Yes I could try imitate his bravery everyday but wouldn't it be better if I imitated a females bravery? I honestly think this film will be one of the best thing that will happen to female species. It tells all women that we too can save the world. Maybe I shouldn't look at this film through my feminist-sexist eyes ... You know what ... That is exactly what I plan to do.

For too long men have thought that they own this world. Even in film, men have the upper hand. The lead role in the film Salt was written for Tom Cruise but we saw Angelinga play the part. Are they trying to tell us that Angelina is masculine or that the film wasn't worthy for Cruise's greatness so they would rather give the part to his inferior female counterpart? Could the writer not free his mind of gender? Now let us not talk about Thelma and Louise. Hollywood had a fit when they saw two women take on the world of 'men'. So how will they react to Wonder Woman? Will there be another uproar? All I can say is that there will be no such while I'm around.
Wonder Woman has been around for a while but she was always over shadowed by her more famous male superheros. Not this time.

The world isn't in the greatest of states. Well, it hasn't been in the greatest of states for a while. Could this film be a metaphor for what should happen. A woman has to come and save the world from it's idiocy. We all know that women make everything much better. Yes, there might be a few indecisive arguments before a conclusion is reached but a conclusion is always reached.
The time of women might be now but that means we actually need to do something about it. We can't leave the inspiration at the cinema. I rate we all get Wonder Woman t-shirts and make-up from Mac and interpret Wonder Woman's style to suit ours. Once we have found the inner Wonder Woman, we need to all start saving the world. We might have not all been born with super powers but together as a nation of women we can create that super power. I'm sick and tired of males making sexist jokes and thinking that's just what it is. A sexist joke. We weren't all meant for the kitchen, in fact we weren't made for the kitchen, that's why we have chefs. We were made to save the world from the visually impaired hand of man.

All women reading this post please switch off your browser and take out your Wonder Woman apparel.
It's time to realise the Wonder Woman in you!


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