Monday, 30 May 2011

Jessie J

So it's quite obvious you know who Jessie J is. How could you not. She is the gangsta British girl who came onto the scene with Do it Like A Dude. You still don't know who she is? Everyone knows Do It Like A Dude. Men don't like it because it's an almost feminist and at times vulgar song that speaks about men. You know what, YouTube has saved many.

So after seeing that you probably thinking ... 'oh! great, another Lady Gaga/Rihanna/Nicki Minaj'. How you are so mistaken. The one thing that Jessie has that none of the above don't, is a voice. Okay so you don't believe me. Take a listen to Big White Room and you realise what a real singer is.

In actual fact real singers hardly exist anymore. It is all a show now. Yes, Jessie J does have a lot of show-factor, but it's the voice that creates an even greater show.

The first time I saw Do It Like A Dude, I wasn't interested at all. Then Price Tag came out and the interest got less. It was only until a friend of mine, Suzy told me to listen to the album did I realise that there is finally a new genuine pop female on the scene. The first song I fell in love with was Big White Room.

That song exposes the truth in her voice. After that song I realised that there is actually still talent out there.

I don't know why but it seems like singing about men is the only thing female singers know how to do. Jessie does not sing about males. In fact she has one song called 'Love'. It is her only love song on the album. All her other songs are about empowering yourself as an individual and that is what we need in this society.

Another reason why I love Jessie is because she is not as contradictory as all the other singers. All these females come onto the scene claiming that they are pro-female then they sing about being slaves to men. If someone could help me understand that concept I would be highly grateful.

I am a partial feminist so me listening to Jessie J makes sense but I am also a believer in real music. Yes Katy Perry and Rihanna are fun to listen to but they don't have as much stamina as Jessie J. Their careers are driven by money, bling and glam. It seems as the voice comes later for them.
When we think singers we have to think Jessie J and Adele. The era of the fake-singer is coming to an end. Society is hungry for real singers and they have always been around but because they aren't glam and naked we don't pay attention and MTV doesn't let us pay attention either.

Jessie J gave us Do It Like A Dude and we didn't care then her album showed us what she is all about. She is a strong woman with an even stronger voice. There is no going back for Jessie.

It's time we stood up against terrible music and actually listened to real voices.

Goodluck Jessie and Thanks for making us believe in real music again


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