Thursday, 30 June 2011


No one can say that classical music is their favourite genre but you haven't seen classical music like this.

I also can't say that sitting at home and listening to Mozart is my favourite past time. But this classical music is one that everyone can listen to. Especially those who take interest in the Top 40.

Aston, is made up of six classically trained musicians who have converted beloved pop songs into beautiful classical arrangements.

You probably wondering how I came across Aston. Well, I was on YouTube and listening to people's covers on certain songs. I typed Rihanna covers and when I saw that there was a classical version of Rude Boy I had to open the link. I love Rude Boy and I wanted to see how someone could turn it into a classical song. I was amazed and spent the rest of the day searching for more of Aston's music. I was so obsessed that I kept the songs on YouTube, sacrificed my laptop battery and played the songs throughout the whole day.

I'm sure not many are interested in this post and this music but if you are like me, a real music lover you will see the need for such a band. I played violin for four years and those were some of the best four years of my life. As soon as I heard Aston I realised that classical musical actually needs to make a come back. And who better to bring it back.

I don't want to sound like a Miss Universe contestant but I think classical music is something all children need to learn. Yes, it's not for everyone, but how do you know if you have never tried? I know many people who tried it for a year or a couple of months and decided it wasn't for them and they moved on. For me learning violin not only gave me something other to do than watch tv, it taught discipline because you won't ever be able to play properly if you don't practice every day and some children need self inflicted discipline.
After you learn how to read music, music is never the same anymore. You begin to categorise music into good music and bad music. Yes everyone can categorise music but your reasoning is different from the person who didn't learn music. You understand how the song was made and sometimes see the notes. I'm guessing it sounds strange but it makes sense to me.

I'm glad I came across Aston. I hope this post and their music makes an impact to all who have read it.
Let's bring back classical music.
I surely want it back.

Visit their Website for more information.
Visit their YouTube Page for more videos.
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