Sunday, 26 June 2011

New Blog Complete

The new blog layout is complete! Unfortunately due to foreseen academic circumstance construction was delayed, as with all construction projects, but I am finally ready to show off my new layout.

So what's new in the blog? Well instead of having widgets on the side of each post I have decided to have separate pages. The different pages are Upcoming Blogs, Things To See | Things To Think About, Polyvore and About The Blog and Myself.

So what are the new pages about?

Upcoming Pages
Well the name says it all. It has short descriptions of the new blogs that are upcoming.

Things To See | Things To Think About

I've always wanted to write blogs just about a video or a photograph. Or just upload a video or photograph. But because I'm so traditional and every blog post has to have an article to go with it I don't allow myself to. So instead I have created a section where I can just upload videos, photographs, lyrics and anything else that I want people to see.

This page is for all my Polyvore looks that I create. I try create a look once a day but that is not possible all the time. I love Polyvore and I have also decided to have a mini-editor where anyone can create a look whether you are Polyvorer or not.

About The Blog and Myself
I created this page because I actually don't speak about myself that much so I decided to create a mini-biography where you can learn about me!

I hope you all like the new layout.
The layout might be different but the posts are the same.
Thank You All.


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