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Weave Protest

I don't like weaves. Don't think I ever will. I don't see the need for them. Most of us were born with hair right? Right!
Before we get to the main topic of this blog let's look into history ... through my eyes.

History 101

White people were always assumed superior. People like Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela helped us bridge the gap. We now live in a world where people suffer from a scientifically unrecognised disease called Identity Crisis.

Okay so Nelson Mandela and our parents fought for us to be able live like white people right? But then again they weren't trying to be white. They didn't want milk skin did they? No! Martin Luther King Jr. wanted us to be judged by the content of our character and not by the colour of our skin. But that doesn't mean it's alright to want to look like another race. Okay fine ... look like another race darling but at least know that you are beautiful in your chocolate skin and nappy hair.

Anyway, back to the main topic of the blog, African Hair!
The main reason why I decided to write this blog is because one day on campus, I had left the library for a break and went to sit outside. It had been a while since I had just sat outside and looked at people. The only thing I saw was weave, weave, weave and more weaves. Now, I admit there is nothing entirely wrong with weaves, only if it looks like genuine. These weaves didn't look genuine, more like plastic bags. That is when I decided to put a stop to women subjecting themselves to look like another race. We need to know that we look beautiful, flowing long hair or no flowing long hair. Take a look at some of these pictures and tell me if they don't change your minds on weaves.
Would you like to see their inspiration

So know what do we do? Do we play the blame game? Do we blame Rihanna and Nicki Minaj for making a nation change their ideas on beauty? No we can't. These are two women who decided to express themselves in their own creative ways. How come Nicki doesn't have red hair and Rihanna white? Yes we all love their music but can we please have our own identities.

I actually decided to do some research for this blog because this is a blog for the people of South Africa, so I should ask them the questions. Here are some quotes, questions and answers.

"Oh ok cool but not everyone is blessed with natural hair like u" - 22 year old male

Okay fine, not everyone has hair like me so I can complain about weaves. But at the end of the day all those girls have hair underneath that fake hair. Why are we so scared to embrace the hair we were given by our genetic make up? Why? I tried on my cousins Hannah Montana wig. I can tell you now that I won't be getting a wig or weave anytime soon. That thing is so heavy and you have all of this plastic in front of your face that won't go away and all of a sudden I started getting hot. I thought I was having a heart attack. From this description I think you can tell that I have never had a wig/weave.
"Dnt get a weave I think that cud be the only thing that wil make me walk past u" - 21 year old male
If you tell me that Blonde wig looks nice on me I now know that your style vision has been blurred. However women are walking the streets with these weaves. Okay, maybe they feel good about themselves when they have this Barbie doll hair but this is not helping black people as a race.

I think its odd for black girls to have weaves and I think women are beautiful without weaves. Its sad for black women who try to be white women. But there are no black Miley Cyruses on tv. It's sad that people have to wear weaves to feel beautiful. 'A son trying to look like a rapper.' Just know that you black she is white and its play-play. - 21 year old male.

Okay so in order for black women to realise that they are beautiful as they are there has to be a black Miley Cyrus? And all models and actresses have to be black with their own hair right? Wrong! I have been saying this in so many blogs and I'm going to say it in this one as well. The people in Hollywood are there for our entertainment. We aren't supposed to be idolising them and changing our appearance according to their appearance. Rihanna has changed her hairstyle maybe 7 times over the last 5 years. Yes I have taken note of all these changes, but I'm not trying to copy every single hairstyle of hers. Why do women do this to themselves. Aren't black women supposed to be strong and not supposed to be influenced by other women. Are we not supposed to be ourselves?

If Rihanna had acid blue hair are these girls also think its acceptable. If rihanna didnt have red hair would they have it. Celebrities are making decisions for them.
If a girl wanted to have a sunflower-yellow-weave she mustnt wait for Rihanna. She musnt have celebrities makes these decisions for them. - 20 year old female

Your attention focuses on the weave and you are automatically stereotyped as a weave girl. You already have this persona that you give this girl: materialistic, outer beauty focus, not authentic. You don't even end up looking at the girl. It's just sad sometimes - 20 year old female

One question I always ask girls who have weaves is why do they get them? They claim that it is easier to maintain.
So having to use an iron on your fake hair is easy maintenance. I just want to know, isn't the weave going to burn off?

As a woman of color, weaves provide a way for you to experiment with new styles and current hair trends in a unique way. It is important to visit a professional before you have extensions applied. Weaves provide new looks which are usually easily cared for, but you must be aware that these procedures have a limited life cycle. It is important to take care of your hair during this time, and to do proper upkeep while you experiment with your new look. - Dr. Susan Taylor's

So what about the maintenance after the weave? When women put on weaves they first have to do cornrows then sew the hair extensions in. So the constant cornrows and pulling causes the fine hair in the front to be ripped off. That's why a lot of women end up cutting their hair off after the weave because there is no hair to speak of afterwards. So maybe there is low maintenance in the long run because short hair is low maintenance.
If it's one thing I've always tried to understand it is the reasoning behind these weaves and wigs. Is it too look Indian, or is it to also have long flowing hair. I know maintenance isn't the real answer. I have my own hair and I love it. Yes I used to relax my hair but I stopped after I realised it was putting my hair on pause. How does ones hair grow after so many chemicals have been put in it

No, I cant see myself having a weave. I can't picture myself in a weave. I enjoy my natural hair and having a plastic mop on you would be itchy. It would not suit me I would look disturbing. - 20 year old female

If you need inspiration for keeping your hair your own, look at my sister and I, Solange and Chrisette Michele. We all have our own hair and love it. There is no flowing straight 'human hair' in our face. It is all natural and I think 110% better than any other girl with a weave or wig.

My mother says when women used to wear afro-wigs they called those women 'Bye Bye My Nation'. Basically saying that they are saying goodbye to their ethnicity. Yes ethnicities are merging but wouldn't you want to keep some of your ethnicity to yourself. As much as I love being among different races and cultures I love how I look and I love my hair. Yes sometimes it's a little on the irritation side but I don't want to look like another race. I love being black and if that means I have to have nappy hair, then I have to have nappy hair. Like Lady Gaga said ... 'Baby I was born this way!'

I don't want the next generation of women and girls thinking that in order to be beautiful you need long flowing hair.

The only people who can reverse that thought is us.

We are the future and we decided how the next generation will see themselves.

"I can't stand the weaves that look like spirals or curls that come out of every single angle. And scarecrow weaves and weaves that look like her hair would melt in fire "- 20 year old female

"Dragon Weave"
"My niece says a woman who has applied make up very badly is a dragon ... Therefore a dragon weave would be a nasty ass weave" - 20 something male

(Don't try this at home)


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