Monday, 31 October 2011

Personal Update

So how am I doing? Well I never really speak about myself on my blog. I just speak about what I like and don't like. So I decided to do a post all about me!

This is how look incase you didn't know

Exams are on the way ... yawn. So no more blogging for a while ... :'(. The only thing I have been doing besides studying is listening to music. Well I listen to music all day every day.
On repeat I have had ...

Lady Gaga's Born This Way

I've always loved Lady G, but I was never a little monster. I cannot wait for the Marry The Night music video. My favourite songs from the album are:
  • Marry The Night
  • Born This Way
  • Judas
  • Schiebe
  • Bloody Mary
  • Heavy Metal Lover
  • Electric Chapel
  • You And I
  • The Edge of Glory
The album is very pop and it's the first pop album I have loved in a very long time. Look out for the Marry The Night music video. I will definetely be posting it on Things To See | Things To Think About as soon as it's out.

Joss Stone's Colour Me Free!

I have always loved Joss Stone. I was a child the first time I saw her on television and I told myself that I was going to like her. Even if it meant I had to force myself to like her. This album equals amazingness. It is incredible. The only bad part of the album is that it's too short ... that's why I repeat it all day, everyday. She has a voice like no other. My favourite songs from the album are
  • Could Have Been You
  • Parallel Lines
  • Lady
  • 4 and 20
  • Governmentalist
  • You Got The Love
  • Stalemate
  • Girlfriend On Demand

J. Cole's Cole World: Sideline Story

I never thought I would be obsessed with J. Coloe's album. I like hip-hop but I'm not the greatest hip-hop fan out there. In actual fact I'm still shocked that I like this album ... a lot!. I even got my sister to listen to it which means it is very good! I never paid attention to him before and I decided to listen to him because I needed to decide whether or not I had to delete him off my iTunes. I've been listening ever since and I'm still listening now! My favourite songs from the album
  • Can't Get Enough
  • Cole World
  • In The Morning
  • Lost Ones
  • Nobody's Perfect
  • Rise And Shine
  • God's Gift
  • Breakdown
  • Work Out
  • Nothing Lasts Forever

I am also loving Elle Varner's Only Wanna Give It To You. Love the music video and the song even more.

Now let's speak about one of my favourite topics ... Fashion!

I want a new wardrobe. Well not completely new, I'm not trying to change my style completely. (Please don't ask what my style is because I don't know. I have university style and non-university style). So I made a Polyvore look about how my new wardrobe has to look. Or maybe my wardrobe for when I'm working because I don't know where I would wear some of these clothes.

In My Wardrobe I Would Like ....

So this is what I want in my wardrobe.

Look One : I need a new dress asap. Not really sure where I'll wear it to but I could honestly create an event just so I can wear it.
I am loving reptile skinned heels it's a street trend at the moment, hasn't hit the runways yet.

Look Two : If I were a Disney character, Minnie Mouse and I would be best friends! I would love a new print skirt, doesn't have to be leopard, in actual fact rather not animal print at all. Black pumps need to make their way back into my wardrobe as well and a duffel bag. My bags are becoming too small.

Look Three : Need to get myself a new pair of trousers. I'm a jeans and leggings girl so a pair wouldn't hurt. And new sneakers as well!!

Not really sure where I'll steal, I mean, buy these clothes from but I know I'll get them sooner or later.

I also created a twitter account for my blog and self. But I mostly use it for the blog or to contact people who don't answer their phones, bbms, smses or facebook accounts. @zovuyomputablog, so follow me if you want to find more about the blog and myself via twitter.

If you look on the right hand side of the blog you'll see there is a poll How did you find out about my blog. Please take the poll so I can find out how you all access my blog and how you found it.
In terms of blog views I'm up to +33 000 so keep viewing and reading. Also if you have not become an official follower go ahead and join the elite group of people following my blog.

Thank you to all who read and promote my blog. Recently a fellow blogger and friend, wrote a post about my blog Focus on Local Bloggers: Zovuyo Mputa. Please go take a look and read her blog as well and look out for the other bloggers she will be focusing on.

Keep Reading and I'll Keep Blogging :)


Nthabiseng Mosieane said...

I discovered your blog two days ago and already I know I will be an active reader and follower of your fantastic blog. Keep doing a good job, nothing but good things shall come your way.

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