Monday, 12 December 2011

Chanel's Paris-Bombay Collection

I have seen and watched many fashion shows in my lifetime. None of them compare to the Indian influenced pre-autumn Chanel collection show by Karl Lagerfeld.

"It's all about refinement. It's the Paris version of the idea of India," - Karl Lagerfeld

Rich cultures have been one of the main influences of fashion shows this past year. Lagerfeld is the one designer who has successfully embodied a culture in a fashion collection.

The Indian influence was visible not only in the fashion but also in the venue. Look behind the models and you can see that the tables have been decorated with Indian flavour.

As much as this show is very Indian inspired, it is also very Karl Lagerfeld inspired. To me it seems as if this is what Lagerfeld would wear while touring Bombay, which is a good thing. I think fashion shows should be inspired not only by a theme or culture but also by the personal style of the fashion designer.

This was definitely made by Lagerfeld for Lagerfeld. He probably wears this in Bombay.

Dark eyeshadow is making it's comeback again next year.

Another look by Lagerfeld for Lagerfeld.

If I'm ever a bride, this will be my wedding dress.

Beautiful jacket. It does not only have to be worn on the runway. It's perfect for street wear, well chic street wear

My favourite piece from the collection.

Very beautiful pink.

It was a beautiful collection, but then again, it's Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld. Asian, Indian and African culture is making it's mark in European and American fashion. This is just the beginning and what an amazing beginning it is.


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