Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Big In 2012

So what trends will we see in 2012? Judging from the end of 2011 the more extravagant the better. Let's start with my favourite topic;


Bright Colours
Acid-fruit colours are the colour scheme of the year. The brighter the better. Obviously we wont see these colours on the red carpets because no one takes risks anymore but it will be seen within street trends without a doubt!

Sequins Glamour vs Hippie Love

Bling is back! Although it might not have a huge impact like it did in 2006 it has been seen in various runway shows. But sequins and bling might not stand a change against hippie love. The hippie/gypsy trend is still big with street wear and might even get bigger this year. The more bangles the better. The more Asian inspired headbands the better.
With Hippie Love More is Less but with Sequins Glamour More is Less.

Nail Art

Shatter nailpolish is becoming bigger and bigger everyday. I saw it for the first time at the end of 2011. Most use black as a base and then gold for the shatter. I'm a fan ... as long as its done probably and the nails aren't too long.

Lumo nails are also making their way into street trends. It might take a while for it to reach South Africa but we'll soon see it here. The Kardashian girls love their lumo pink nails.

Black Eyeshadow

Black eyeshadow is making its comeback this year!! I am very excited. Smokey eyes were nice ... for a short while. I'm glad to see that fully black eye shadowed eyes are back. In the Chanel Paris-Bombay show the black eye shadow was paired with some glitter. I'm all for glitter as long as you aren't drowning in it.

When was the last time you saw stilettos? When? Nowadays its just platforms. Stilettos can be seen in Gucci's new campaign.

Metal pointed heels

I've been seeing these shoes on various blogs and of cours at Louis Vuitton's fantasy fashion show last year. Now they have made their way to retail stores as well. I love these shoes. I don't think they will become classics or staples but they will be here for a while in 2012.

Reed Krakoff Bags

I saw these bags for the first time on polyvore.com, then all of a sudden they were on fashion street photography blogs. All the fashion insiders had them. I can't say they are my favourite bags. They are quite similar to Hermes' bags and most probably wont have the same effect as the Hermes' but they will be here for a while.

Cat Eye and Round Sunglasses

The '70s have been an inspiration to many fashion lovers around the world and the 70s trend is making its way to the sunglasses section. I love cat eye sunglasses. They are not for everyone but they are lovely! Round colour framed glasses are also making their way into retail shops as well.


Nicki Minaj

I think it will be another good year for Nicki Minaj. I think the at times bi-polar rapper will be releasing a new album or mixtape this year. Well I hope she is.


The You Da One singer has released a new album ... as usual. The singer has gone from red hair to a new blonde and brown curly hairstyle. Her We Found Love was colossal hit amongst pop culture fans which means Rihanna is here to stay and has more hits for us.

Lana Del Rey

I don't know if this girl has staying power but her song Video Games was a hit within the 'alternative' music crowd and eventually made it into commercial music.

Kanye West

The rapper will be releasing his new album in 2012. I think the album is called G.O.O.D., not quite sure. But either way it will be a hit for Mr. West. The rapper has managed to make a hit album with every album he has released (not sure about 808s & Heartbreak).

David Guetta

David Guetta has had a good year every year since I was in high school. This year just might be his best year. He does not have much competition in his field which means he needs to bring out the hits before another dj comes along.


George Clooney

It's another hit year for the Hollywood Playboy. He acted and directed the film Ides of March and acted in The Descendants which could earn him an Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actor. And as usual, he has a new lady to share his new possible award.

Octavia Spencer

You know her as the lady who always plays the secretary, social worker, receptionist or nurse. Now Spencer is making waves and is up for numerous awards. She will most probably win an Academy Award for her performance in The Help.


It is the Olympics this year! My favourite sporting event. All South African eyes are on Caster Semenya this year. I would love to mention a swimmer as well but it seems that there time is long over (maybe Cameron Van Burgh will surprise). Our swimmers have opted for a career in modelling.

All eyes will be on Usain Bolt as well. Will he get another gold for the 100m? I guess we'll have to see. And where's Michael Phelps? Smoking weed? I guess this year will see new Olympians and athletes emerge. Goodluck to the South African team and I'm hoping that your Opening Ceremony uniform is not as embarrasing as last time (Crocs? Really?).

All in all it should be a year of change for the better. I turn 21 this year which is the equivalent of a 'Super Sweet Sixteen' in America. Can't say I'll have a mega-super-sweet-twenty-first but I will have the time of my life this year.

Good Luck to all!


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