Friday, 3 February 2012

Jenny Packham

Jenny Packman is the new designer to watch. American designers are responsible for what I call the Marc Jacobs/Zac Posen generation. These are young designers who have made it very big in a relatively short amount of time and are staples in the fashion industry. They are the young Valentino's and Karl Lagerfelds. My Marc Jacobs/Zac Posen generation includes Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen (obviously) and Jason Wu. No I'm glad to add a female, Jenny Packman.

I remember E! fashion correspondents used to talk about Jenny Packman and I was just so confused. They used to say that she would be worn during the award season. "Why would a random designer be worn at award season?" I asked myself. Then the Golden Globes came around and people were actually wearing her. Then she had a cameo on Gossip Girl as well. That's when I knew that Jenny Packman was here to stay.
The St. Martins School of Art graduate is known for her evening gowns and bridal wear and has won numerous awards during her career. She has dressed everyone from Beyonce to Emma Watson and her dresses have been a staple on the red carpet. Not too mention her gowns have been a regular on Gossip Girl. Serena, Blair and Charlie have both worn her on the show. And when the Duchess of Cambridge wears your dress, you know you have made it big.
Her at times shiny and sequined dresses are in line with the current trends of the year and will probably be in trend for the next couple of years.
Do yourself a favour and look at her wedding collection and website. Jenny Packham is re-defining style and it's a style that I love.


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