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zovuyomputablog turns 2

My blog has come to see another birthday! On the 9th of April my blog turns two years old! I feel like my blog is a lot older than that because it has come to change so much during the two years.
This birthday is a very special birthdays as a couple of days before the 9th of April, my blog hit 50 000 views!
This calls for a celebration! I love birthdays and this year I have decided to host a virtual party, but before we get to that let's talk about the year that has past on zovuyomputablog.

Well my blog name has changed slightly. It has gone from zovuyomputa.blogspot to zovuyomputablog (the url is still the same). The change came about once I joined twitter (@zovuyomputablog). The main reason why I joined twitter was because I saw many people were following my blog via twitter. It only made sense that I join and also send updates via twitter. The reason why I added the extra blog to the end of my twitter username was so people knew that first of all I'm a blogger and that the twitter account is mainly used for my blog. To this day I still mainly use it for my blog but I also retweet British Vogue, American Vogue, Nina Garcia, Barbie and anyone else of interest.

I also now have a personal Google+ account and an account for my blog zovuyomputablog. At first I wanted to create a facebook account but because you can subscribe to personal facebook pages I didn't see the need as I post all blog updates on my facebook as public. I'm still getting the hang of Google+ but if you are a Google Pluser go ahead and follow the blog there.

From the previous blog post, Pinterest you would have learned that I recently attained a Pinterest account. It's my latest obsession! I cannot get enough. I always want to post millions of photos on my Things To See | Things To Think About page but there is just not enough time and I restrict the blog to four posts a month. Pinterest has become the extension of the Things To See | Things To Think About page. If you want to see what I love, get to know me better go take a look.

Follow Me on Pinterest

I'm still a big Polywhore! I don't have as much time to do it during the university term but when I find the time I polyvore.
2011 also saw the first guest bloggers blog! My mother and sister, Nikho and Thozama were the first guest bloggers to blog on zovuyomputablog. It may have been a dramatic journey to getting the blog published but it finally got published. Growing Up Rural, Raising Urban is the name of the blog post and it compared the upbringing of a rural girl (mother) and an urban girl (sister). I want to have more guest bloggers this year, I just have to find the right people.

I also made August women's month on my blog. In South Africa, August is recognised as Women's month as the 09th of August is National Women's Day. This year, August will also be Women's month and contain blog posts inspired by women for women.

Last year I also started the 365 Days Against Women and Children Abuse Campaign. To create awareness add the badges to your site or print them and stick them up in your work place or school. Read the blog post for information on why I started the campaign and how to be a part of it.

Now let's talk about my outfit for the virtual party. The dress code is semi-formal. In order for it to be a real party, it has to be a day/night event. This means I have to wear an outfit that is suitable for both day and night or can be transitioned into a night outfit.
South Africa is in autumn at the moment which means it's cold-ish. But because I am afraid of the cold, it's just outright cold! I might as well use this as a Style Tips opportunity. When you are going to a day event that can become a night event always take one item of clothing that can transition the outfit to a night outfit. You don't want to be carrying a whole wardrobe with you. If you plan to wear heels, please take flat shoes. It doesn't matter how expensive the shoes are, your feet still burn after eight hours. In terms of make up, don't wear very dark make up. I am personally not a fan of very dark make up during the day. I reserve black eyeshadow for night time but for a day/night event it's best you darken your eyes with black eyeliner rather than black eyeshadow.
zovuyomputablog turns 2

The easiest item of clothing to transition is a dress. When wearing a dress you only thinking of one item of clothing that has to be catered for. With two pieces you have to be thinking of how the pants or skirt will go with the new shoes and if the shirt will match the jacket.

As you can see I decided to wear a fuschia dress. I hardly wear colour in autumn ... I don't really believe in having four seasons. I usually go straight to summer or winter, I don't have in betweens. For the day part of my virtual party I have decided to wear the dress with heels, sunglasses and a hat. I don't care what season it is, sunglasses are a must. Obviously if it is raining, misty or snowing outside there is no need. I added the hat as an optional, just in case the sun is shining, otherwise it can be replaced with the halo head wrap.
Come night fall it will probably be cold. That is why we have a jacket and flat shoes to help with the burning feet. A navy jacket would have worked wonders with this outfit as well. Even a leather jacket if you want to create that '80s feel.

The virtual party commences on the 09th of April. I hope you all use this day to blog, read blogs, find blogs, tumblr, find tumblrs, pin on pinterest, polyvore and fall in love with the internet the same way I did.

Here I am ... not in my birthday party outfit

As you know, I don't have the most famous blog, I don't have the most twitter followers but I do own something I absolutely love. Before I started this blog I didn't know what I liked. Yes, I liked a few things here and there but now I have a place where I collect all my thoughts and all my favourites and learn about my favourites. I don't go around asking people to follow my blog, or follow me on twitter because if someone wants to take interest in my blog they will.

Someone once said I pay a lot of attention to my blog. Truth is I do. I don't have a boyfriend to be galavanting around with and the only thing I spend most of my time is reading Vogue, E!, other people's blogs and studying. Don't worry, I do have friends and a social life, that's where I get most of my inspiration from.

This blog is a platform where I share my favourites and interest with the world and to have people actually like it is an honour.

I am forever saying thank you to my followers, official and unofficial and once again I thank you. 
You are all the reason why I still love blogging.

Here's to another 50 000 views and another splendid year on blogger.


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