Friday, 18 May 2012

Animalism in Fashion

It's a jungle out there and if you haven't found the inner animal in you, it's not too late. Animal print and skins have taken over the fashion industry and now that they have been revived there's no going back.

Crocodile Skinned Clutch
Animal print has always been a part of the fashion industry but I don't recall it being as prominent as it is now. Usually bags were only animal skin but now more than ever animal skin is being used and printed onto dresses, headbands and anything else that can be worn on the human body.

Bottega Veneta, Loewe, Roberto Cavalli, Elie Saab and Gucci have all created bags that embody the Animal Skin or as Vogue calls, it the Exotic Skins trend.

Animal print first became a monumental street trend when the girls of the Jersey Shore first made their appereance on television.
Leopard Print
Snooki from MTV's Jersey Shore
Obviously they exaggerated the look of leopard print but once they wore it, everyone wanted to be a leopard as well. Leopard print was sold anywhere and everywhere and on anything!
It's very difficult to keep Leopard print classy, but the King of Exotic dressing, Roberto Cavalli can keep any animal tame.
Robero Cavalli Spring/Summer 2012

As you can see from Roberto Cavalli's collection, there is no need to make leopard print tacky. Very few designers get something this extreme and exotic right. Many wouldn't dare wear leopard as they fear they could turn out looking like Snooki but as you can see from Cavalli's collection, it's also easy to look classy in leopard.


When it comes to exotic skinned accessories, Jimmy Choo will provide you with any bag you can dream of.

Jimmy Choo Exotics
Justine L
The nice thing about these Jimmy Choo bags is that you can wear a very simple outfit with them.

Ellie Saab Snakeskin Clutch
For a more subtle look you can get the Ellie Saab Royal Blue Snakeskin Clutch. It also comes in cream.

The best way to wear animal skins such as snakeskin is on accessories or jackets. Animal skin print obviously works a lot better on lighter fabrics.


Giambattista Valli | Spring/Summer 2012 | Ready-To-Wear Paris

Zebra print is my favourite for clothing. You can never go wrong with black or white and as the animal proves, both colours work very well together. I prefer Zebra print for Spring/Summer outfits. Zebra can be formal or casual. It's still to become a street trend but it might never get there as it's seems difficult to wear the trend without looking tacky.

As you can all see anyone can wear animal print on anything. Shoes are your safest bet especially flat shoes. For the more daring, go out and buy a zebra print dress. When worn correctly animal print and skins can look flattering on anyone.

Animal Print and Skin is here to stay in fashion. 

Just be careful, it's easy to look classy and tacky while wearing it.


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