Friday, 15 June 2012

Lyrics To Live By

I'm not the greatest lover of motivational speeches, proverbs, sayings etc. But what I do love are song lyrics! I love music, I always have and sometimes the lyrics make the song even better. From browsing a few blogs I found a tumblr that makes the world better:

This tumblr is a collection of various song lyrics which will inspire anyone and everyone. Besides the motivational lyrics, I love the typography and design of the posts.

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One of my all time favourite lyrics.

I'm not the greatest tumblr fan but I count this one to be one of my favourites. I love anything that is simple and has a strong meaning. For those wanting to start a tumblr, blog, website etc. try create something different to any other blog and keep it simple, like this one.

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Music makes my world go round and this blog makes my world even better. Many people think that speeches, books and film are the only places where one can find words of wisdom and inspiration, but music serves the exact same purpose for me. I will forever love music and now I can collect my favourite lyrics thanks to


Anna said...

Wow these are beautiful. There is something truly amazing about music. The way plain sounds put in a specific order can make us feel such strong emotions.

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