Wednesday, 12 September 2012


So I did what my sister has been begging me to do for the longest time. I started a tumblr blog. If you have read my past blog posts you'll know that I had trouble starting a tumblr blog in the past because I didn't know what to put on it. Luckily I have created a tumblr blog that has become an extension of my current blog.

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If you are a blog reader of mine - including all the extra pages - you'll know that I have a page dedicated to things I think people Must See and Must Read. I use that page to put down everything I like whether it is photos, videos or articles people should read. The only problem with that page is that I would never keep everything I put on it. Once I felt like something was on for too long I would delete it. So I didn't have an archive of what people should see and read. This is why I started a tumblr account.
WZS stands for What Zed Saw which is the name of my tumblr.
  • Zed is my nickname
  • Because it is a diary of what I see and find I decided to call it What Zed Saw
Like I have said above, on this blog you can find anything and everything I find interesting and beautiful. So far I have posted videos about Google and a video on how the Del Rey Mulberry Bag was made.

Fashion, architecture, technology and art are all the things you will see being reblogged and blogged myself. You can even call it an extension of my pinterest page.

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For the fashion lovers, you don't have to wait a week after fashion week for my reviews no more. During fashion week my tumblr has become the internet version of fashion heaven. I blog about all the shows you don't see on this blog and other fashion week things such as backstage photos, street style and anything else fashion week.

I'll also be posting some of my own images on the tumblr account. I recently went to the SAFW Pop Up Shop and if you page through the blog you'll find the photos.

Whether you are fashion fundi or just a lover of beautiful things, I promise you will enjoy this blog as I try not to reblog anything from previous blogs. I try source things that may have not been seen before and hopefully that keeps my blog original.
I don't write much on my tumblr so if you want to read you'll have to come back to this blog.

If you don't want to follow the tumblr (don't see why you wouldn't want to) you can follow me on twitter as I post links to my tumblr account there as well. If you have an interesting tumblr account or know other interesting accounts send me an email or comment below.

I only follow fashion and architecture magazines on tumblr so it would be great to find other things to follow as well!

I am not abandoning this blog, I still promise to write four articles a month as usual.
Happy Tumblr-ing


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