Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Zovuyo Mputa Blog Make Over

My blog has finally received the make over I've been planning for over a year I think. It's still the same content just a different look.

For the first time ever I have a light background. My backgrounds were always black or a dark shade of grey. It's like the time Gandalf The Grey became Gandalf The White. The font and overall design of the blog has also changed, it has become a lot more minimalistic and I have tried to make navigation a lot simpler.

Below I have listed all the changes.

1. New Header

A new layout always comes with a new header. This header obviously has my blog's name and the year I started my blog.

2. Different Page Navigation

With the new layout there are fewer pages. About, Contact and Upcoming Blog Posts are the only additional pages to the blog.
The pages serve the same purpose as they did in the previous layout. Just a different design.

3. New Ways To Follow The Blog

Following my blog has become a lot easier.
  1. Tumblr
    • My tumblr account is hardly ever linked to this blog in terms of content. However that does not mean that you can't follow it.
    • During fashion week you'll find that I put up backstage, makeup and a few runway photos on my tumblr and the reviews and runway photos on this blog.
  2. Facebook
    • I finally have a Facbeook page for my blog. If you are my friend on Facebook, you might have noticed that I upload less blog related content onto my personal page. That is because I want my personal Facebook page to remain private.
    • The Facebook page is always updated with the new blog posts and new tumblr posts as well and any additional content that I would have posted on my personal Facebook page.
  3. Twitter
    • @zovuyomputablog
    • My twitter account serves the same purpose as my Facebook page but in all honesty it would be more beneficial to follow me on Facbeook than Twitter. I have more tweets than Facebook statuses.
  4. Google +
    • zovuyomputablog
    • If you are on Google+ you can follow the blog there as well.
    • Like I said with my twitter account, it would be easier to follow the blog on facebook because on Google+ I only post new blog posts and not any additional news.
  5. IFB - Independent Fashion Bloggers
    • @zovuyomputablog
    • If you are an Independent Fashion Blogger you can also follow the blog there as well.
    • I hardly post new posts on IFB unless they are fashion related. I use it more for networking and finding new blogs to follow.
  6. RSS
  7. Polyvore
    • Unfortunately I have decided to remove my Polyvore page from the blog. To see my creations you can just click on the link.
  8. Pinterest
  9. GFC - Google Friend Connect
    • This is how bloggers used to follow each other before social media became the norm. It works the same as when you are logged into blogger and click join the site. So if you already have a blogger account this would be the easiest way to follow my blog.

4. whatzedsaw Previews

As I am sure you all know by now I have a tumblr account. I use the tumblr account to post everything and anything. There are very few times when the content of this blog and my tumblr account are the same.

Read The WZS Blog Post

Sometimes on my tumblr I will have a numerous number of posts all about the same thing. In my mind I call these posts collections. In order to make it easier for one to know when the different collection posts are on I have decided to basically advertise my own tumblr account on my blog.
Recently I uploaded photographs from Chanel's beautiful Pre-Fall 2013 show so you can click on the image and find all the posts.

If you ever want me to advertise something, it will also be displayed in that area.

4. Follow By E-mail

For those of you who prefer to receive your posts via e-mail, this is where you will put in your e-mail address. The post comes in e-mail format and sometimes not all the images show but you can link back to the original post.

5. Search This Blog

Whatever you are trying to find on the blog you can search for it. Whether it is the name of a post or just a few words in one of the posts.
NOTE: the search results appear on top of the header.

6. Blog Archive

This is where you can browse various blogs that I have written. Unlike the previous blog template, you have to browse by selecting every month. You can't select an individual post through the new blog archive widget.

7. Categories

Every blog that I have written falls under one of the categories listed. Some blogs may fall under two or three categories. This categories menu is a way to make searching for posts according to your interests easier.

That is it for the new modifications on my blog. Obviously it's a different colour and different fonts have been used but I don't need to point that out to you.

Like I mentioned before, it's the same blog, just a different look. Hope you like it.


Ismail N said...

I like. Really cool make over. I thinking abt doing the same for my blog. haven't got the right idea yet. Any suggestion?

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