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The 70th Annual Golden Globes Fashion

This year the Golden Globes were a disaster, in terms of dresses. This is quite surprising because I remember fashion shows being absolutely amazing this past year. Did stylists not pay attention during fashion week? In the eight years that I have been watching the Red Carpet live, I have never been so disappointed. Anyway, let me try find some light in the fashion darkness we experienced. Let me start with the okay outfits.

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(All dresses listed in alphabetical order. Click on the images to see them bigger.)

AdeleAmy AdamsFrancesca Fisher-Eastwood
Let me begin by saying that Adele needs to stay away from black. She has worn black to every award show. I understand that it is slimming but there are other styles of dress that she can wear. Otherwise, love collar on this Burberry gown. Just wish she wasn't so boring.
Amy Adams looks just alright in this Marchesa gown. The colour of her dress blends in with her skin which is never a good thing. Fishtail looks nice but the colour spoils everything.
Francesca is wearing a beautiful dress but it does not fit her. It is supposed to be a lot more fitted than what it is now. Otherwise her hair and makeup makes her look very old Hollywood and she suits that era.
Hayden Panettiere
Heidi Klum
Helena Bonham Carter
Hayden Panettiere's Roberto Cavalli dress does not fit. It's cute, the style matches her small frame but the bust does not fit. The dress could be the right colour for your skin, right style, but if it does not fit it can't look nice. I also don't like the pink clutch, makes her look tacky. Otherwise an alright effort by Panettiere.
White looks amazing on Heidi. The dress is beautiful, but that slit? I'm pro one shoulder and embellishments but you cannot show too much skin all at once.
Let's be honest, Helena is a disaster but in this case we need to make an exception. She usually looks much worse. I really like the lace sleeves and I like how she still stuck to her own quirky style.

Helen HuntJennifer LopezJessica Alba
Helen Hunt's dress is very age appropriate. But just because you aren't 21 doesn't mean you need to be boring. The dress fits well because it's Dolce and Gabbana but it's just boring.
Jennifer Lopez needs to be reminded of her age. She is no longer Jenny From The Block. Yes, the Zuhair Murad dress is beautiful but the fact that she looks naked makes it seem like she wants to be younger.
In Jessica Alba's defense, the dress looked a lot better live than in photographs. The orange was a lot deeper and the fabric didn't see cheap. That doesn't mean she didn't look boring. Looking nice doesn't cut it anymore.

Julianna HoughLea MicheleMarion Cotillard
It almost went right for Julianna. Unfortunately her Monique Lhuillier gypsy wedding dress does not cut it for her. I really love the gold accents on the dress but the skirt is just a disaster.
Lea Michele needs higher heels. She looks so short in this Elie Saab gown and I'm sure she thought the slit was going to help her with height but it just makes the dress looks worse. I love the colour on her but it does not fit right and she is overdoing it with the slit and the hair. Less is more!
Marion looks amazing in this orange Dior dress by Raf Simons. I loved the dress until I saw her knees. I was actually very disappointed  I do not like this asymmetrical disaster at all. Otherwise great colour and looks amazing from the waist up.

Rosario DawsonRosie Huntington-WhiteleyZooey Deschenal
Above is an example of what happens when beautiful people wear average dresses. Rosario Dawson looks absolutely amazing in that colour (baby pastel teal). It suits her skin and hair colour so well. Unfortunately there is just too much going on. There is peplum, semi-statement shoulders and subtle ruffles. I don't know where to look. And the peplum is also awkward.
Rosie looks ver nice in her black. The slit also looks very nice, not too high. However, what is going on in the middle? Corset gone wrong? Wearing a high neckline together with a corset or anything that draws attention to your waist is a no no. Our eyes want to focus on one part.
I love Zooey, I love Oscar de la Renta. However this combination is not working. The dress and pearls match but the dress doesn't match her personality. It's too much, too ballroom. Too red if you ask me.

Now that we have seen okay outfits, let us head on over to the worst of the worst. Get ready, there are a lot of them.

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Alyssa MilanoAmanda SeyfriedAmy Poehler
Even if people have forgotten who you are, or only remember you from one television series, you still need to look good when invited to an award show. I didn't know Alyssa still had a career. Either way, what she is wearing is not right. It does not fit properly and the wrong colour was selected for the fabric, or it could be the other way around. At least she has nice earrings.
If you are starring in one the biggest films of the year, you do not come to an award ceremony looking dull. It looks like Amanda is about to tell her children a bedtime story and she is wearing her 1920s night dress. Even the colour is just plain boring and what is going on in the front?
Amy Poehler hosted the Golden Globes and she decided to wear an ill fitting suit. Wonderful! The shoes aren't even nice. I understand that not everyone is a fashion guru but when you famous, designers are your friends. This was a disaster.

Anne HathawayClaire DanesDebra Messing
Everyone knows I love Chanel. I cannot count the number of times I have blogged about Chanel or featured Chanel on my tumblr. Chanel equals love. However Anne Hathaway in this Chanel dress does not equal love. She looks nice in white but there is no nice in this dress. It just doesn't work. I'm sure because she is a designers dream she thinks she can get away with anything, but not today. Sorry.
Every single year Claire Danes is nominated and wins at the Golden Globes, so why did she look terrible this year? There is too much going on. Gathered waist, slit with a shiner fabric underneath, dropped neckline? No, not working. And her hair? No thanks.
Debra Messing is just a disaster. What was Donna Karan thinking when she made this dress? Wow, it's really bad. She could have at least worn a statement necklace so we take our eyes off the dress.

Eva LongoriaGuiliana RancicHalle Berry
Eva Longoria's leg! To be completely honest this is an amazing dress but she had to spoil it by showing us her leg. A high slit and a low neckline ... like I said before, less is more.
I love Guilana, or Gui-Gui as I call her. However I have no love for this dress. It's just bad. The strange neckline is distracting. It's like half turtle neck, half bare shoulders. As a Fashion Police judge and Red Carpet host you cannot be looking bad.
Halle Berry is the Worst Dressed this year. This is not the '90s when she used to be hot, it's 2013 and this Versace cutout disaster does not cut it. She looks so cheap. Cheap and terrible. 

Jennifer Garner Jennifer Lawrence Jessica Chastain
Let's be honest, Jennifer Garner is too old to be wearing a dress like that. If she had not chosen a Vivenne Westwood dress it could have gone right for Jennifer. Different fabric, or different dress all together. And what is up with the boring hair and jewellery?
Jennifer Lawrence is in pain and she can't tell anyone else otherwise. That is the tightest bust I have seen in a very long time (excluding Nicki Minaj). The colour and the fabric just don't go as well. And the belt? This Dior gown just does not work.
I had hope for Jessica, especially when I saw her from the side at the Golden Globes. Then I saw the front and I got sad because I actually like Jessica. This Calvin Klein dress is the perfect colour, similar to Rosario's colour. But the plunging neckline is terrible. And what makes it worse is that it is loose.

Kaley Cuoco Kelly Osbourne Lena Dunham
Kaley Cuoco didn't do any better. This dress is a train wreck. She is showing too much, then theres the tacky ribbon belt, strange sheer skirt and strange fabric all around and not to mention her dark lipstick. I'm pro dark lipstick but not with a nude dress.
Kelly Osbourne is wearing Zac Posen. One of my favourite designers. But she looks like a mess. What is going on with that geometric fish tail that has been cut at a 90'C angle? And she sits on a panel that judges and critises other people's dresses. Obviously she hasn't critised herself. And what is going on with the cups? This dress is awful.
Lena Dunham knew that she was nominated for a Golden Globe. With the success of Girls she probably knew that she was going to win as well. So why did she come dressed in a Zac Posen gown that does absolutely nothing for her body? The colour and fabric combination does not work well on television or photographs. The neckline is not flattering and she does not look confident in this dress. Look at how her arms are positioned against her body. That tells me that she is uncomfortable in this dress.

Louise Roe Lucy Liu Michelle Dockery
Now Louise Roe goes around giving other people makeovers, but she decides she is going to wear a one of the worst dresses I have ever seen. I love showing skin through sheer lace but not like this. She basically came to the Golden Globes in underwear and found a sheer lace overlay to wear on top
So Lucy Liu wore a curtain. The least she could have done was chosen another fabric. She has a very nice side braid but that will never distract you from the upholstery disaster.
In terms of colour, Michelle got it right. Gold and white are the go to colours this year. However this dress was not constructed well, it looks like the gold is choking her. It actually looks like an attempt at colour blocking but with the wrong colours.

Nicole KidmanRachel WeiszSarah Hyland
Nicole Kidman looks terrible in Alexander McQueen. Her and Lucy Liu follow closely behind in the race for worst dressed. Sad thing is that Nicole Kidman is a designers dream but instead she decided the cause of nightmares.
As the wife of the man who plays James Bond, you would want to dress up for the Golden Globes. Rachel looked okay until mid-thigh. How does she explain that polka dot overlay? How does anyone explain this. It looks like a wardrobe malfunction. The sad thing is that it looks like she is wearing really nice shoes. We would have been able to see her shoes if she wasn't wearing this nonsense.
I really like Sarah Hyland. She is part of the new young Hollywood crowd. Unfortunately this dress doesn't say young. The corset is wrong and that belt? What is up with these belts this year? She is also wearing a semi-peplum and semi-fishtail, she needs to decide what she wants us to focus our attention on.

Sienna Miller Taylor Swift Tina Fey
For the Golden Globes, Sienna Miller decided to wear one of my favourite designers, Erdem. However she decided that she wanted a one of a kind dress and got him to make one for her. Anyone remember Michele Williams at the 2011 Golden Globes, that floral Valentino? Well that is what this dress reminds me of. Sienna herself looks beautiful but this dress ... she should have chosen from the 2013 Erdem Resort Collection.
Taylor Swift needs to obviously spend more time watching Fashion TV instead of dating. This Donna Karan dress looks cheap and like a matric dance last minute choice. These are the Golden Globes, not Country Music Awards.
Tina Fey has had her share of bad dresses. However I thought because she was hosting the Golden Globes this year, she would step it up. How I was so wrong. This attempt at floral disaster is not appealing and makes her look very awkward.

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With all this bad I just want to see some good. Very few people managed to look exceptional at the Golden Globes. Those few are:

Emily BluntHelen MirrenIsla Fisher
Emily was a standout at the Golden Globes. She looked beyond gorgeous in this gold cut out dress. She isn't showing us too much skin. The colour is excellent on her and she chose the right hairstyle for the dress.
Dame Helen Mirren makes herself a bit more youthful in this Badgley Mishcka dress. Once again the colour gold is appearing. She has not shown too much at all and even though she is covered she still looks so good. Younger generation please take notes.
Isla Fisher has kept it very simple in her almost nude sparkled dress by Reem Acra. Love the neckline and her hair and lipstick completes the look. Like Emily she is also not showing us too much teaching the rest that less is more.

Megan FoxNaomi WattsNicole Richie
Megan Fox played it safe on the red carpet with this Dolce and Gabbana dress. She wore a safe colour in a safe style. Nevertheless she looked very good. I'd say she is boderline Old Hollywood in this dress. One of the things I loved about this dress was it's subtle detailing. You can only see it once you either open the image bigger or zoom in.
Naomi Watts also went Old Hollywood for the Golden Globes. She is the only one I can think of who wore a colour this deep. Just like Helen, she is not showing us anything yet she still looks beautiful.
Another person not showing much at all is Nicole Richie. To be honest, the Naeem Khan dress looks better on camera than in a photograph, it is a lot darker but it still looks great here. The tiny fashion designer shows that even tiny little bodies can wear floor length gowns. Love the detail. Love the colour, don't think I saw anyone else in it.

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And best dressed goes to ...

Kate Hudson
While watching the Golden Globes Red Carpet I was deciding what time I was going to sleep. I couldn't stand seeing ugly dresses anymore. Then Kate Hudson walked the red carpet at the last minute. I am so glad I got to see her walk the carpet in this Alexander McQueen floor length gown. She definitely deserves best dressed especially because she took a risk.
Everyone else came in nudes and pinks, colours we see time and time again on the red carpet. Hudson opted for a black gown with very heavy gold detailing and it worked.

I hope all other celebrities and celebrity stylists learn from Kate Hudson's risk. I don't want to be bored at the Academy Awards.
People usually step it up for the Academy Awards. However they also take it a step it down sometimes. Hopefully I will have nicer things to say in the Academy Awards Fashion Blog Post.


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