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The 85th Annual Academy Awards Fashion

The Academy Awards have come and gone. In terms of award winners, my predictions were slightly off this year but with the Academy you never know what you are going to get. In terms of dress predictions I was correct. Everyone was boring and plain. What happened to the days when Academy Award nominees wore dresses with glitter, sequins and shined on the red carpet? Now all I see is white and nude pinks. The men definitely looked a lot better than the women this year. With that being said, women looked a lot better here than they did at the Golden Globes. As usual, let me start with the dresses that were just okay.

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(All dresses listed in alphabetical order. Click on the images to see them bigger.)

Charlize Theron

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lawrence
Charlize Theron is an Academy Award winning actress. She is supposed to be setting the standard for all other actresses out there. I must admit her hair looks absolutely amazing but it is not powerful enough to turn this outfit from plain to wow. This Dior Haute Couture gown is doing nothing for her body and this white does not reflect well on camera. Then again it is not a terrible dress, just no wow factor.
Jennifer Garner looks just okay in this purple Gucci gown. There is absolutely nothing spectacular about it. The colour looks nice on her and that is about it. I can see she tried to take a risk but it didn't work out. However a strong improvement from the Golden Globes.
Jennifer Lawrence knew that she was nominated for the Best Actress in a Leading Role award, yet she decided to wear this stiff Dior Haute Couture gown. It is not terrible but where is the shine, the sparkle, the youth? She does not look her age in this gown and the colour does not reflect well on her skin. This is not how one would want to remember an Academy Award winning actress.

Jessica Chastain

Kelly Osbourne

Kerry Washington
I really loved Jessica in this Armani Prive dress. I just wish it was a different colour and fabric. The style really suits her and makes her look like an A-list actress. Between her and Jennifer Lawrence, she looks more like an Academy Award Nominated Actress.
I'm glad Kelly Osbourne found a sense of style somewhere. Why she was invited to the awards I'm not too sure. This Tony Ward Couture dress looks very nice on her and she could have made best dressed list if she didn't have that purple hair. It makes it seem as if she isn't taking the dress code seriously. If she had brown hair, she would have made best dressed list.
Kerry Washington has stepped up her game from the Golden Globes disaster she wore. The coral Miu Miu dress looks absolutely amazing on her. Not too sure what the shiny thing is. Yes I am pro shiny but that shiny is just strange. Otherwise a very good improved from Kerry.

Maria Menounos

Melissa McCarthy

Stacy Kiebler
Last year Maria Menounos was my best dressed at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes. This year she decided to wear a hot pink near disaster dress by Romona Keveza. She was clever in choosing a mermaid styled gown. It  works well for her body and height. She does look beautiful but hot pink is not for the Oscars.
Melissa McCarthy has worn a very nice David Meister dress. It suits her body but it could have been a lot better. She could have chosen a different colour. This slate grey really is not working out well. The dress could have been  a bit tighter and shiner. Otherwise an alright effort from Melissa.
Stacy looks like a statue. Don't like the colour and fabric so much on her but the cut is brilliant, especially the neckline. The belt on this Naeem Khan gown makes her not look too boring.

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It is now time to review the dreaded worst dressed actresses. I really don't like seeing gowns that aren't pretty but if stylists did their jobs we would not see this many people on the list.


Anne Hathaway

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Adele's Jenny Packham dress is not the worst dress in the history of bad dresses but it just does not suit her. There is too much detail on the dress which makes it very distracting. Otherwise Adele herself looks great but this dress is just not working.
Anne Hathaway looks so boring in this Prada gown. Looks like it even might need to be ironed. It is so stiff and it makes her look stiff. What's worse is that her hair is not making a statement. With a dress like this you need something to stand out. I'm quite sure she knew that she was going to be a winner so she could have stepped up her game.
Catherine Zeta-Jones is beautiful. Unfortunately her Zuhair Murad dress is not. If it was gold from the bust to the train it would have been better but she also needs to wear an age appropriate dress. This dress is very BeyoncĂ© or Jennifer Lopez and she is a lot classier than that. 

Guilana Rancic

Halle Berry

Helen Hunt
Guilana Rancic needs to find a style miracle. This Rafael Cennamo dress could have worked but as we all can see it is not working at the moment. There is too much going on and because it is in such a dark colour the details just look like a mess. The colour and fabric work very well with her skin but this dress was not a wise decision.
It is clearly obvious that Versace is Halle Berry's favourite designer. If only both Berry and Donatella Versace knew that we are not living in the 1990s anymore. As long as Halle is wearing Versace on the red carpet she will never make my best dressed list because Versace dresses have become so tacky. Time for Halle to find a new designer.
Helen Hunt just looks boring. I really do not like the fabric and colour combination on this dress which is H&M from the Conscious Collection, it just does not work out. And the neckline is too plain. She looks like a boring bridesmaid.

Jane Fonda

Jennifer Aniston

Kelly Rowland
I don't think Jane Fonda knew she was going to the Academy Awards. I like how the dress covers her up, makes her look young but not inappropriate. However the colour is just not working. She looks like a highlighter.
Jennifer Aniston looks terrible. I really do not know why she opted for this red Valentino dress that shows up orange on camera. It is doing nothing for her petite frame and her hair is not helping her. She should rather stick to her boring black little black dresses.
I'm not sure who invited Kelly Rowland to the Oscars. She has made it a point to let people know that it is her first time here because her dress does not match dress code and is not up to par with Oscar standards. This Donna Karan dress is actually quite embarrassing. You cannot be wearing asymmetrical disasters and showing this much skin at these awards. I guess we'll have to see if she get's invited again next year. Without a doubt Kelly Rowland is the worst dressed at this year's Academy Awards.

Kirsten Stewart

Nicole Kidman

Octavia Spencer
I did not expect Kirsten Stewart to make the best dressed list this year. I also did not expect her to look this terrible. I do not know where she found this Reem Acra dress. The tulle at the bottom does not make sense. It is just a strange dress and does not suit her personality at all.
I remember a time when Nicole Kidman was the best dressed actress at every red carpet. Now it seems as if she makes no effort at all. It is as if she just wears what her stylist tells her to wear. I know I said I want to see shiny dresses on the carpet but this is an example of bad shine. The black is shiny and then there are gold accents that are misplaced. It is an unfortunate that an actress of her calibre had to wear such a this L'Wren Scott disaster.
Octavia does not look too bad in this Tadashi Shoji dress. I won't say she is the worst dressed but after the amazing dress she wore last year at the Oscars this counts as a disappointment. There is too much unnecessary fabric which could have been structured differently. I also think this dress is an example of a bad attempt at making her look like royalty.

Reese Witherspoon

Salma Hayek

Zoe Saldana
As a Academy Award winning actress you always need to look your absolute best at the Oscars. You cannot look like a plain Jane. That is what Reese looks like. I do not like the fabric and colour combination chosen for this Louis Vuitton dress. The blue looks very stiff with this fabric and the random black accents are just not flattering. I like how the train and hair work together but that is about it.
Salma Hayek has access to any designer she fancies yet she always looks out of place. The trouble with this Alexander McQueen gown is that it is meant for a tall woman. Salma is way to short for this dress and the neck detailing makes it look like she is choking.
Zoe Saldana just looks like a mess. Her Alexis Mabille Couture dress looks like a high school design project. It is a pity because she is so beautiful to be making mistakes like this. The flower detailing is unnecessary and so is the black and grey at the bottom. And the added belt makes no sense. There is way too much happening for one dress.

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The list with the least amount of actresses featured is the best dressed list.

Amanda Seyfriend

Amy Adams

Jennifer Hudson
I'm so glad Amanda learnt from her Golden Globes mistake. For some reason I think if anyone else wore this Alexander McQueen dress it could have looked terrible. This dress looks like it was made for her and her only and that is how one needs to look at the Oscars. The details are beautiful. I love how they start as intricate at the top and then become less refined.
Ball gowns at the Academy Awards scare me. People usually get them wrong but luckily Amy Adams chose the right one. This Oscar de la Renta dress is absolutely beautiful. It looks like it was made for a princess and Amy looks like one it. For those actresses who want to wear ball gowns next year to the Oscars, take tips from Amy. I also like how she didn't opt for a nude or pale pink colour.
Jennifer Hudson looks like a superstar. This Roberto Cavalli dress has the right amount of shine. I love the long sleeves and the the neckline. She is definitely a contender for best dressed. She is showing others how to look like an Academy Award winning actress.

Louise Roe

Queen Latifa
Louise Roe has made a major improvement from the Golden Globes. This Monique Lhuillier gown is very pretty and delicate. It was meant for a lady and Louise really conveys a lady like spirit. I love how the dress was not all nude and pale. The coral detailing really makes it stand out. The detailing at her neck makes this dress even more beautiful than what it already is. One should not be afraid to take advice from Louise Roe.
Queen Latifa is a vision in white. A white as clean and crisp as hers is always a winner. The neckline suits her very well and I like how she does not have a long train following her down the carpet. The jewellery is minimal which makes sense because the white is so striking. 

Sally Field

Sandra Bullock
Sally Field may not be in her twenties anymore but that does not mean she can't dress better than her younger counterparts. This magnificent red gown is absolutely amazing. Out of all the actresses who walked the red carpet she looks the most comfortable. I love the long sleeves, gathered waist and the train is the best train I have seen on the carpet. There has not been a lot of red on this year's carpet so it was also very nice to see a change.
You can never go wrong in Elie Saab and Sandra Bullock is prove of that. She may not be the best dressed out of all the best dressed contenders but she does look amazing. She is maybe the only person who wore a dress that actually looks like real evening wear. I think the lace overlay makes one think of traditional evening wear. It has a very Rose in Titanic feel which makes Sandra look a bit older than her age. The bag could have stayed home otherwise a solid effort from Sandy.

And the best dressed at the Academy Awards is ...

Naomi Watts
Giorgio Aramni and Naomi Watts designed this dress together for two months. The result: one of the best dresses I have ever seen worn at the Academy Awards. If it was up to me I would have given her the Best Actress in a Leading Role Award all because of this gorgeous one shoulder Armani Prive gown. This is the shine I was talking about in the beginning. It is just the right amount. A lot of work went into to this dress and it is clear that all that work was worth it. Well done Naomi and Giorgio. 


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