Monday, 11 March 2013

Blogging 101 Introduction: Why Create A Blog

One question I get asked all the time is:"Why do you blog?"

I blog for a number of reasons. At first I started a blog because I could no longer watch Fashion TV everyday so I was no longer up to date with fashion trends. After moving to Pretoria I also couldn't find friends interested in the type of fashion I am interested in. Everyone just wore what stores told them to wear and never considered runway fashion as the main source for trends. So essentially I started a blog to force myself to keep up with trends. Now I know all trends from 2010 up until 2014 back to front.

After a while I started writing about more than just fashion and my blog became a platform for me to tell people what I think about fashion, political situations and more importantly, inform people about sub cultures they may not know about.

When I started blogging in 2010, the blogging scene was not as saturated as it is now. I did not have many, if any, blogs to reference. The blogs that were out at that time were taking photos of what people were wearing which is not what I was interested in. Those who weren't taking photos of what others were wearing were taking photos of themselves and used blogs as personal diaries, which is blogs were originally intended to be.

With so many blogs causing clutter on the internet it could be difficult to find a reason to blog, especially if you do not want to show people what you wearing today.

Do not blog if the only thing you ever want is praise and recognition from your peers. Blog because you want to show the world how things look through your eyes.
There are many careers that a blogger could branch into so make sure you are doing it all from the right reasons.

With this Blogging 101 series, I want to give bloggers and future bloggers tips and suggestions on how to blog and how to make sure that your blog is noticed for all the right reasons.
The posts will be in-depth but I also want to make them fun so I can keep you all interested. These tips are not only for fashion and trend bloggers, they can be applied to any genre and any type of blog.

No one can teach you to blog, but I hope I can inspire future bloggers to start blogging and current bloggers to continue.

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