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Social Media

A blog's lifeline is social media. Without social media, many readers won't even know that I have uploaded a new post. You can think of social media as the brand manager and advertising agency that takes care of your blog's visibility on the Internet.
In order to incorporate social media with your blog you need to create several social networking accounts. The main accounts being: Facebook and Twitter. Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Independent Fashion Bloggers and LinkedIn are other social networks that you could get but you don't necessarily have to link them to your blog.

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Starting a twitter account for your blog is as easy as starting a personal account. Most bloggers, like myself, tend to use the same account for their blog and personal life. I hardly tweet unless it's fashion week or I have updated my tumblr or blogspot.

Tumblr allows you to link your facebook and twitter accounts to your blog so your social networks are automatically updated on the new posts. Unfortunately with Blogger that option does not exist. But you can link your Google+ account to your blog and it shares your posts.


Facebook is the best social network to link your blogs. Many would disagree and say that twitter is better, but viewing media is a lot easier on Facebook. There is no need to open separate pages, users like seeing everything on one page. Yes, the downfall would be that they may never go onto your blog, but that is why you give them a hint of your new post.

On my Facebook page, I have a short description of what my blog is all about and a link to my blog and tumblr account. All the links to my tumblr posts are accompanied by an image that can be found on the page so people can get an idea of what they will see in the post. The same applies with twitter and my photoblogs on tumblr.

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When I post links to my new blog posts on blogger, I don't necessarily add photos along with the status update as my posts on blogger are about more than just the images. Because my blog's Facebook Page is still very new, I usually repost links to my new blog posts onto my own wall via the share button so people can still read the posts. It is better to let people know about your blog's Facebook Page that way, than feeding it down people's throats.


After Facebook, Twitter is the best way to get in touch with your readers. In 140 characters or less, you need to tell people why they should read your blog post. Remember that some of those characters will be taken up by your url so make sure to shorten your url.

The best way to engage your readers on twitter is to also add photographs as hints and highlight the main parts of your post. If your tweet is a link to a photo add the term [PHOTOS] and if it is a video add [VIDEO]. Do not forget to use hashtags, especially during fashion week. Hashtags during an international event means that your tweets will be seen by the world and your blog will therefore become international.

If you are using your twitter handle as a personal handle as well, please be sure not to add all your life stories. Yes, we all want to see that bloggers have real life human qualities but make sure you know the difference between sharing a few personal details and using twitter as a diary.

Make sure to also add social plugins to your blog, so that users can share your blog on their own facebook pages and twitter profiles. Blogger allows you to enable or disable the add this social media plugins. On the left is an example of how they will look if you choose the add this social plugin that comes with

Do not forget to add the links to your social media, or else readers will never know that your blog is available on social networks.

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In basic terms, your social networks are the mini version of your blog. It is where a reader who is unable to follow your blog through Google Friend Connect can still keep up to date with the happenings of your blog.

Always make sure that the content of your blog and social media coincide. Promote your blog's social network pages through your own personal ones but do not overdo it and irritate your facebook friends and twitter followers.

A big part of the world lives on social networks so make sure the life of your blog is present on social networks.


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