Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Blogger Ego

I remember a time when trolling the internet looking for new blogs to follow was the only thing I used to do. I would get so excited when I saw a new blog that I hadn't discovered. It was like opening a christmas present. Immediately I would follow and share the blog with others. Now I do no such thing. Blogs are all the same and bloggers have the biggest and most unattractive egos. Sometimes I wonder if I have this blogger ego I speak of. Many times this year I have even considered deleting my blog after reading the absolute nonsense bloggers write about.

So what is this Blogger Ego I'm speaking about. Well it mostly applies to 'fashion' bloggers:

Now when I look for new blogs to read, I always look for the one with the least amount of text. I prefer to follow photoblogs because I can't stand reading some of the things people write about. Even blogs where bloggers take photos of what they wore that day absolutely bore me. Those blogs used to be great but now that the blogging world has become saturated, I really couldn't care less about what people wore to campus. I don't mind seeing one photograph of what someone is wearing and maybe zoom into the accessories.

Instead of taking 5 photos of you doing a different pose, zoom into accessories and take from different angles.
Then there are the street style blogs ...

I unfollowed almost all of the street style and what I'm wearing today blogs that I used to follow. It just got so boring. First of all, when it comes to street style, people are taking photographs of the most mediocre outfits and calling it fashionable. Yes, everyone has their own sense of style but please don't upload a photo of someone wearing a white tank top and call it fashion. If it is good enough, rather call it photography. Sometimes Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist will post photos of women and men wearing the simplest outfits, but what people fail to understand is that, that photo is not about what he or she is wearing, it is about photography and the feelings it evokes.

On The Street ... via Piranesi, Milan by Scott Schuman for The Sartorialist
The photograph above illustrates the point I'm trying to make. Yes, The Sartorialist is a fashion blog but the photograph above is not a street style photo, it's a portrait. If you want to try make this a fashion photography you'll speak about how the different textures and patterns collide but somehow look cohesive. But as mentioned before, this photo isn't about fashion. If all street style blogs could post photographs like this, the blogging world would be a better place, but we would have to call it something else. It would maybe be called Street Photography?

With all the praise I'm giving Scott Schuman, I do think he has a bit of a Blogger Ego. However I forgive him for having a Blogger Ego. He is the reason why every Tom, Dick and Harry are whipping out cameras and taking photos of people's clothes. What I do respect about Scott is that just because he is a very famous photographer he doesn't go around trashing other people's outfits and he does not pretend to be the best dressed man in the world.

People who picked up cameras yesterday are walking around taking photographs of satisfactory outfits and then being absolutely rude about everyone else that they didn't take photos of. All of a sudden, these bloggers have a fashion opinion, so I would like to think when I see them in public they will be dressed according to the latest fashion trends. But no, they are wearing fashion faux pas. Obviously when I see them out in public I try not to insult their choice of wardrobe but it is difficult to do such when all they do is hate on other people's dress sense on their blog. Why would someone fill their blog with hate?

Yes, I know during Award Season I say a few mean words here and there about the celebrities' dresses but that's a bit different. They have the opportunity to choose any dress they wish yet they choose the worst of the worst, it makes me angry.

Photograph from Street Art: Humans of New York Captures Punk’s Enduring Influence

One of the most humble bloggers is Brandon Stanton from Humans of New York. Last year Stanton teamed up with American Vogue to shoot a series of photographs for New York Fashion Week. This year he has teamed up with American Vogue once again to photograph the punk culture in a series called "Street Art: Humans of New York Captures Punk’s Enduring Influence".

You'd think a photographer who has worked with American Vogue would have changed the content of their blog, maybe added celebrities instead of normal citizens. But no, Stanton still takes honest photographs of New York citizens and visitors.

So how does one get a blogger ego? I think it starts when bloggers forget why the started blogging. If you only started blogging to become part of the pretentious blogging industry then you blogging for the wrong reasons. If you are blogging for money or fame, you blogging for the wrong reasons. So why should one blog?

I started blogging in 2010 at a time when many people didn't know what blogging was. I started my blog because I was no longer able to freely watch FashionTV and I wanted to keep up with fashion trends like I did in high school. So I basically used my blog to force myself to keep up with fashion. Now I blog about more than just fashion and I love it. As much as I blog, so people can learn about things I like, I still blog for myself. Don't blog for the fame, or to be featured in a magazine. Because I still remember why I blog I don't think I have a blogger's ego.

I just wish everyone blogged for the right reasons and that there was peace in the blogging world. It has become so vicious and pretentious. Many times I even thought of deleting my blog because many people know me as a blogger. I don't deny that I am a blogger but it's difficult to accept that title when you put in a box with so many bloggers who are basically tarnishing what bloggers do or are supposed to do.

Or else maybe blogging has changed and I haven't changed with the times.  Maybe I should start thrift shopping and pretend like I know something about fashion, whip out my camera when given the chance and then edit it badly on photoshop.

As much as I love blogging, I can't handle the industry but I won't let that get me down. I think if we all remove these egos and remember why we blog, the blogging industry would be a better place.


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