Tuesday, 9 April 2013

zovuyomputablog Turns 3

Today my little tiny blog is three years old. A lot has changed from it's second birthday. A couple of days before it's second birthday, it managed to reach 50 000 views. If I do my calculations correctly, in about three months, we will reach 100 000 views. Could be sooner or later, the internet is unpredictable, either way, it has been a good year for my little blog.

April 2012 - April 2013

Last year I stated that my pinterest page will be the new home for my old 'Things To See | Things To Think About' page. Loyal followers will know that the blog once had that page. After finally getting the hang of tumblr, 'Things To See | Things To Think About' moved to my new tumblr account: whatzedsaw.tumblr.com. WhatZedSaw or WZS is only eight months old but has already reached over 500 posts and over 100 followers, not too bad for my little tumblr account. I'm not too sure how many times I have been reblogged but a two posts have been reblogged one thousand times each so I'll say I've been reblogged over two thousand times.

Read The WZS Blog Post

If you have read the short blog post about my 500th post, you will already know which American fashion house reblogged me during fashion week. It was quite a shock to my system and I didn't believe it at first so I googled a few times and found that it was the official account for the fashion designer and house. If you do not know which fashion house it is be sure you read the post.

Read The 500th Tumblr Post

I'm not one to boast about stats, it's actually quite boring. I usually only let readers know about milestones such as my 100th blog post and when I reach a certain number of views. In about six posts the blog will reach 150 posts. It won't be a separate blog, I'll probably just mention it at the end of the post.

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My blog also had a makeover late last year. It was the first time I ever hard coded majority of the template so I'm really proud of how everything turned out. I can finally put a stamp on my own template.

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Along with the makeover came a new social network to the blog, Facebook. The blog was always integrated with Facebook but it was my personal page. I decided it was time to separate my blog from personal page because I was getting the strangest friend requests from the strangest people.
The Facebook page does not only show posts from this blog only, but also posts from WZS, my polyvore page and links to various blogging series that appear on my different blogging platforms.

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I suggest you like the Facebook page if you always want to keep up to date with what's happening on my blog. By liking the page you will also keep up to date with what is happening in the design, fashion, architecture and music world as I always try update the blogs according to the latest news.

This past year I also had my first competition in collaboration with Zando, the South African Online Shopping Site. Depending on the direction my blog takes this year, I will probably have a few more competitions on the blog.

I also started focusing more on mens fashion. The popularity of my Male Fashion Pinterest Board inspired me to get writing about menswear. I have written several blog posts about menswear fashion weeks and menswear street style.

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I may not be a man but I know a thing or two about fashion so my comments should be able to help any gentleman make the right fashion choice.

Last year also saw the continuation of Women's Month. This year some of the blog posts were:
  1. Famous Females in Film and Television
  2. Women in Sport
  3. Women and Their Hair
  4. Songs About Women

In March I also started a Blogging 101 Series. I decided to start the series because so many people ask me how they can start their blog and all the tools they need to start. The series touches on several topics such as how to integrate social media with your blog and how to actually start blogging and why you should start.

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April 2013 - April 2014

I obviously cannot say what the future holds for my blog, I can only tell you about everything I want to do for my blog. There definitely will be much more social media integration which means it's best you follow me on Twitter or like the page on Facebook so you can keep up with the blog.

I do want to feature more posts on film. Like I would like to write film reviews like I do with the music album reviews. This means that I'll have to spend some time at the cinema so when I do find the time I'll be speaking about the latest releases. If you want to watch a little film I made, read the blog about my directorial debut.

Read My Directorial Debut: Marilyn's Demise Blog Post

As usual fashion will most probably be the main feature of the blog. As usual I will be reporting on fashion weeks and various exhibitions that take place all over the world. If you are interested in fashion and would like to see more fashion posts, be sure to follow my tumblr page as backstage photos from various shows and exhibitions will be posted there. If you do not have a tumblr account you can follow the tumblr page by using either rss, Twitter or Facebook.

I also want the blog to be more South African. If you follow my blog you will know that I am a European and American lover. It is a lot more difficult to make the blog more South African as many South African products, companies or people do not either post enough information on the web or never reply to your e-mails. Hopefully everyone will cooperate so we can get the blog more South African. One of the South African products I spoke about is The Bamboo Revolution which was started by University of Cape Town students.

Read The Bamboo Revolution Blog Post

I also want to get the blog a bit more personal. I'll be writing more posts on what it's actually like to be a blogger and how it feels to be part of this sometimes toxic and fake environment.

My little blog has practically become my child. Every time I go out people ask me about my blog, that is why I call it, my little tiny blog because it's still a little tiny baby that just learned how to walk and talk over the last two years.

A lot of people ask me what I want my blog to become in the future and I don't really have any major goals. Obviously it would be great my job title was blogger  but we need to get realistic. For the moment my blog is a platform that allows me to tell the world how I feel about certain topics, situations, people and designs. So here is to another year!

Happy Blogging. 
Happy Reading


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