Thursday, 30 May 2013

Street Style: The End of Style?

Photographed by Phil Oh
Did street style photography kill real style? I think it did, but most people seem to differ. Thank you to street style, people finally got to see runway garments worn on the street, but just because it's designer, does not mean it is stylish. Yes, it can be fashionable but is it a style one would want to emulate? Well obviously it is one seeing that many people are trying to dress like famous street stylers.

But let us be honest, are these people actually dressed well? The lady above, does she look nice in her three piece optical illusion? No she does not. But it is fashionable. Why? Because she is expressing herself and (I would like to think) is dressing for herself.

With the rise of street style culture, we are beginning to see what people want to wear and not what fashion editors want us to wear. I respect the culture and think it is a necessary tool in trying to keep fashion relevant and necessary. However I find it perplexing. To me, most of the people who are photographed for street style photos are not even dressed well, most seem like they crawled out of either a trash can or a futuristic fashion show explosion.

Hanne Gaby Odiele
Photographed by HB Nam
Because international photographers take photos of women who are dressed to upstage clowns, South Africans think that they need to do the same in order to be notices. Yes, icons such as Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj dress outrageously but that does not mean we all need to do the same. Gaga and Nicki are performers who need their outfits to outshine others. We can try copy Gaga and Minaj's style, but we must also remember that we are not on stage.

Hanne Gaby Odiele (above), is she dressed well? The correct pretentious blogger answer is: "Yes! She is mixing different textures and I love how she has cut her wide leg denims and paired them with heels". Well I'm not a pretentious blogger so I will tell you the truth. She looks like she time travelled to the 1990s and took everything that was wrong with office style and tried to make it hip. She looks atrocious. But who am I to judge, it's 'fashion'.

Prada coat, Jo No Fui pants, Miu Miu shoes
Photographed by Phil Oh
The lady above, dressed in her grass coat. Is she stylish? If you ask me, it looks like she wants to blend in with the garden in front of her. I give her points for taking a risk but I do not consider this stylish or fashionable. We would all laugh at a normal woman wearing this coat paired with those pants. But because this outfit is worn by a woman who went to fashion week and was photographed by Phil Oh should we change our minds? Should we reconsider our evil thoughts because it is Prada and Miu Miu, no.

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CĂ©line pants
Photographed by Phil Oh
In all honesty, the clothes worn above are not clothes one would wear everyday, or to a fashion event. Because of outrageous style that has been recorded as street style, we have forgotten what real style is. Or could it be that I am old fashioned and still see style the same way as Coco Chanel would have seen it?

Even though style might evolve over time, there is still a different between dressing well and badly. I think all the photographs I have uploaded are examples of people who are dressed badly, they have a bad sense of style. The other argument is that designers paid them to wear their clothing. So then why are designers creating clothes for cartoons? In order for there to be design peace in the world, fashion designers need to create clothes that are aesthetically pleasing. In 10 years time when we look back at all these street style photographs, we will cringe and wonder why editors and fashion stylists were dressed like clowns.

Anna Dello Russo
Fendi coat
Photographed by Phil Oh
Fashion changes all the time but style should remain the same. I would prefer it if we called street style photography, street fashion photography. It does not roll off the tongue like street style but it definitely makes more sense.
Holli Rogers
Peter Pilotto top, Valentino shoes
Photographed by Phil Oh


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