Friday, 14 June 2013

Polyvore Comeback

I have been neglecting my polyvore account. For a very long time the only thing I used to do was create looks on Polyvore. I got a lot busier and there was just no time for polyvore, but I have decided to return to the site.

At first I used to create looks on polyvore for the fun of it. After a while it became a tool for my blog as well. I used polyvore to create fashion resolutions for myself, can't say I stuck to all those resolutions. Besides the fact that I miss polyvore, I have also decided to return to it so I can improve my blog and explain the trend and fashion posts a lot easier.

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Most ... all of the clothes, shoes and accessories I purchase on polyvore are out of my price range, but it doesn't mean I can't dream. To be honest, sometimes seeing the amazing clothes that come off the runway is my inspiration to have a career that pays well. We all need something to push us to do well and the prices of the items on polyvore definitely remind me that I need to work hard.

Look One Hundred and Forty Seven

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Look One Hundred and Forty Eight

Polyvore Inspired Looks: Michael Jackson, Disney and Pixar

I can't promise to create a polyvore look every single day but I do plan to integrate it into my blog once again. When I still had my old layout, I had a separate page on the blog for all my polyvore looks. Unfortunately that page will not be returning but if you go to the social media links that appear after the heading, you will find the polyvore link.

If you do not have polyvore but still wish to keep up to date with my looks, be sure to follow me on pinterest, twitter and to like the blog's facebook page.



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